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Advices from an Addictive Player Gameplay Advices

While I was looking for a new game to download from PlayStore I found Firstly I played the game from my General Mobile Discovery smartphone. The visuals are quite good however I often experienced lag which result in hitting to my opponents all the time.

Then I download to my General Mobile Android 4G. I experienced few lag however these lags increased as I grow and finally due to all these reasons I decided to play on my computer through this site. It works quite smoothly and I am having quite a lot of fun with in my free times.

As I read from the articles and comments the lag problem is due to game itself. The logic of the game is to grow bigger as much as you can. You will be better in line with your sizes and all you have to do is collect the glowing orbs on the map or eliminate other players to collect their remainings in order to grow.

There are some tactics to grow bigger which I found out by playing This is why I decided to share some of them with you. First of all you need to grow a little bit by collecting to orbs at the beginning because we need to perform quick turns by speeding up in order to eliminate our opponents and you have to be a little bit big to do this since you will lose some of your parts as you speed up. You can speed up by holding the left button of your mouse.

You can perform U-turn from the head of your opponent by slowly approaching to them and then speeding up before you turn. In this way, it will hit you and will be eliminated. You can not speed up while you are small this is why stay away from other snakes since you can be their food. Game Advices

Draw a circle around the smaller snakes and cage them with your body then wait them to give up and hit you. However never put your head into the circle you created since the snake in there may force you to hit him so that you will be eliminated. Always slither on your own body.

In my opinion you should not deal with the smaller snakes. They may try to eliminate you and this may be nervous from time to time however they will not be worth for your efforts in terms of the points in When you find many glowing orbs remained from a bigger snake always be careful since everybody will rush there. Try to draw a circle around the glowing orbs so that you can collect them in a secure manner.

Although it is rare, from time to time you may hit your opponent’s head. In these times, the smaller one will be eliminated. However in the event that you will perform even a one degree turn before the hit, then your opponent will be eliminated. In the event that you do not want no drama then you can stay away from all snakes and collect the orbs however it will take quite a lot of time to grow bigger in this way.

Slither next to the bigger snakes in They will either eliminate or be eliminated. Of course when they will be eliminated you will have a plenty of food around you to collect. Take the opportunities. Most of the players usually hang out in the middle of the map of You can find the map on the right bottom of the screen and you can see yourself as a small dot in there.

Try to hang out right at the middle. However those are afraid of being eliminated hang out at the edges of the map, so you can go there and hunt them down too.

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