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Released so long ago, is one of the best online browser games in which players compete each other by managing a snake to become the biggest one in the server. Among other similar online browser games, game has really shined out with its different characteristics. First of all, none of the other similar online browser games has managed to offer a fair competence environment to the players like gameplay does. Second, nothing but a good strategy wins the game. That is why game has managed to remain its popularity for this long, while other games have already been forgotten.

Anyway, there are also mods which are played by thousands of people. These mods are created to offer different types of gameplay. hacks are added to the original game and the new alternative game that has emerged is called a mod, which you can play in several moded servers. You too can find a mod that you would like to play with, if you have got bored of the original version of the gameplay. For example, mod can offer you only fights, or you can try different skins and backgrounds among dozens of them in order to make some changes.

Alright, you can play mods in several different private servers. Apart from this, you may encounter lag problems in most of the hacked servers. In order not to have any lag problems during your games in your favorite hacked server, you need to change your internet connection and connect to a local network, which is more stable than any other types of internet connections.


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