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Common Lag Issues

How to Fix Lag

Most of the people used to experience lag during the first days the game went viral however today, the game has enough servers to meet all the demand from players. This means that any lag problem that you will experience will not due to the game but your own connection. There are some things that you can try in order to solve lag issues. First one is the mods. These mods are private servers which are developed by independent developers. Some of them may be located closer to your real location and thus you may have a better connection when you play

In addition to these, you may need to check your settings of your computer in order to eliminate possible lag. For instance, some of the laptops change their settings to power save when they are not plugged in which means that they will perform minimum performance. As a result of this, you may experience lag due to your own computer. You can also perform any speed test through your browser in order to learn your connection speed and you may contact with your service provider for more detailed information.

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