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Do You Have Lag?

Some Solutions for Lag Problem

Some of the people still experiencing lag while they are playing the game and most of them tend to blame the developers for this. It was a fact at the first days of the game however the company has enough servers to run game on any device. In case you have the lag problem then you need to check some things in order to resolve this issue. First of all be sure that you are using the Wi-Fi instead of your cellular data while playing the game.

In addition to these in case you are playing game through your laptop be sure that it is plugged in. Some of the laptops change their system settings to low when they are unplugged. You can either plug in your laptop or change the system settings. You can also change your browser in order to get rid of lag problems. In the event that your problems will continue, you may want to contact with your internet service provider to check if there is any problem with your connection in general.

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