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Developers, from whom millions of people are expecting new fun games from all the time, have created dozens of mods that players can play with hacks in, as a result of the increasing demand of the players. There are now millions of people all over the world who are playing addictively and all of them like different ways of play, different gameplay habits. In this circumstance, it has not taken developers to create several mods, each one of which has different hacks that makes the gameplay much more exciting according to the hack the mod have.

If you have not played the game before, you might think that these hacks are cheats. But you should know that these hacks are added to the game in order just to make more fun of the game and bring a different perspective to the game. So all the players who are playing the same mods, have the same advantages and the additional features. These hacks are varied of additional features like zooming, new different skills that may change the gameplay fairly, skins or bots.

Another thing that is important is playing without any lag problems which ruin the game. If you are one of those people who are complaining about the lag problems they constantly encounter in their favorite private server, the only thing you have to do in order to get rid of this bitter problem is changing your internet connection to a more stable one, like local ones since they are known to be much more stable than any other kinds of internet connections.

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