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You should definitely try app. As we know, is one of the most played and successful online browser game which is played by millions of players all over the world. After a while that apphas become a little bit popular, several mods have been created and players have found playing moded versions much more fun than playing the original version of the app. So the moded versions, which have been created by developers by adding several hacks to the original game are really successful.

For those who do not know the, it is an online game that you will try to be the one who have the highest point when the time given is up by managing a snake. You start the game as a tiny snake and you need to eat the colorful dots around the map in order to grow bigger. Than you need to kill your enemies by circling them to make them hit on your body, then eat the remains of it. Even if gameplay seems to be fairly easy, it is not at all.

There are also mods that you can play. But most of the moded servers are laggy. You can find a lag mod to download on your computer or device in order to reduce or completely destroy the lag. There are several of them and you can find a lag mod. If a lag mod does not work, you can change your internet connection to a local network to get rid of the lag problem you have during your games in several moded servers.

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