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Everything You Need to Know About Controls

Details of the Controls

The controls may be a little bit complicated at the first sight however once you start to play game you can see that they are quite easy. Today, even five or fix years old kids are playing game and have really high scores which are the proof the controls can be learned very easily. But of course, things can be a little bit complicated in the event that you will decide on to use hacks.

The hacks or in other words, the mods may have quite different options in terms of the controls. For instance, you may have to use the scroll wheel of your mouse in order to use the zoom hack. In addition, there are many different types of hacks which you can not even imagine and all of these hacks have different keys to activate. But this depends on the private server you are playing in and the only way to learn what are these is to visit the relevant page of that mod.

This is why we have prepared many mod reviews on your mods category. You can simply visit that page in order to find the reviews of the mods and learn their controls directly. Although most of the private servers have a guide on the home screen you may still need to do further research to learn more about the controls in some of the mods. Let us know what do you think about these mods and controls, do you think that they are worth to try?


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