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Get Rid of The Lag Problems Lag Fix and Some Tactics

As we can see from the crowdedness of servers, is one of the most entertaining online browser games with its gameplay which players like for the fair environment it offers. So, even a player who is in the first place for a long time can fall prey to anyone unlike the other games like Of course your size allows you to get more kills faster and easier but this is not the core of the gameplay. Anything can happen in the middle of the game and everything can change.

First of all, you have to stay low when you start the game. Try to stay away from bigger snakes and eat the colorful dots around on the map to grow your snake. After you have grown a bit, use your dashing skill which gives a boost to you. Try to circle smaller snakes in order to make them hit your body to kill them. But be carefull. When you kill someone, several players will rush into the area and try to steal the remains which have been left behind after player kills. These remains gives much more points and grows your snake much bigger.

Anyway, there is a constant increase in the lag problem, which ruin the game when encountered. You do not have to worry about it. Try to change your internet connection to a stable local one to solve the lag problem. If that is useless, try to reach several lag fix options on the web to bring a more accurate solution to your lag problem. One last thing: If you become the biggest snake in the game, try to avoid hanging around on the middle of the map, it will cause you to get killed easily.

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