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Hints for the Controls

Learn All Details of Controls controls are the directions that allow players to control their snake when they play, however, some of the people believe that these controls are quite complicated that also makes the gameplay complicated as well. But in case you have played the game at least once, you would understand that it is not that much complicated as you think. Many players are below the age of 15 and they can easily play the game. However, it will be worth to note that, controls may vary in case you play the game on mods. mods are the private servers which offer various hacks to the players. These cheats are the additional features which need additional buttons on your keyboard in order to be activated. For instance, you can turn on bots by clicking on the T button on your keyboard. Every hack requires a special button and some of these hacks are zoom hack and auto skin changer. The only hack which does not need any button is the skins which are offered in all mods. Keep in mind that not all of the mods offer the same hacks and this is why it will be better for you to read the mods reviews that we have shared on our website before you download mods.

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