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It’s like “Snake” but ruthless’s-like-Snake-but-ruthless


Anyone who was around and in their teenage years from 1997-2004 remembers some version of “Snake” played on the earliest visual display cell phones. There was something simple yet addicting about “Snake.” After a few moments of playing you got into a groove and could happily spend hours clicking around your phone, eating each successive dot that appeared on the screen while avoiding your own ever elongating torso. One would think that a game with such a simple premise couldn’t possibly be improved upon or updated in any significant way. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

The Game

Wrong. As it turns out “Snake” can be updated and, in fact, improved. Take “” for instance. In this game you play as what could loosely be defined as a snake (in all honesty it looks like a cross between a worm and a very friendly looking snake), slithering your way around an immense game map. Unlike the classic “Snake” you don’t die when you run into yourself, and at first you simply travel around the map munching happily on the brightly-colored, multi-sized points of light that make your snake bigger and score multiply. Soon, however, you run into other snakes controlled by other players. Some of them are your size- relatively small and harmless looking. Others you would swear crawled right out of “Dune” — their massive size filling your screen in a strangely intimidating display. It’s then you realize that you’re all competing for the same points of light and the game has become an interesting social experiment — as you dodge around the behemoths and smaller snakes you’ll see the head of one snake collide with the body of another at which point the first snake will dissolve into thousands of points of bright light and every player around will swarm to feast on the remains. What was once a peaceful experience has become eat-or-be-eaten.

The Experience

“” maintains all of the original, somewhat-calm appeal of “Snake” while adding new dimensions of competition based on the fact that you can choose multiple ways to play the game. Some players choose to hang out at the periphery of the map, minding their own business and slowly growing until they reach that coveted space on the leaderboard. Most players, however, choose to dive right into the middle of the map where the action is: drifting in the wake of larger snakes waiting for them to crash into someone and playing intense games of chicken with oncoming snakes for every last bit of light they can gather.

The Content

Apart from the obscenities you will yell yourself when you crash there is nothing questionable in the game.

Nathan Snow is a freelance writer for Where It’s @. Follow him on twitter @Snowbi_Wan.



In the realm of free, simple, yet incredibly addicting games this one tops the charts. Available for free online or most mobile devices.



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