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How to play

Your first impression for Limax .io may be “an easy game that you pick some orbs and get bigger” but you are wrong. You need a good skill to survive and be the master of every session.
Here is the info about what you’re gonna do and how you’re gonna do in!

Before you start your game don’t forget to find an interesting nickname to attract your opponents.

If you’ve read my previous review you’ll remember that I named our game’s character “SLUG”
First; keep your mouse tight and be ready to orient your Slug, cause as soon as you click play button, you’ll find yourself into the moving screen. Your Slug stays just in the center but your screen moves opposite side of your cursor’s direction, giving you the feel that the Slug is following your cursor.

Now move your Slug to collect the Orbs scattered around. Each Orb you eat gives you 6 points but some of them gives only five. Try to eat more Orbs to gain weight.
After reaching 30 points, you can use your mouse’s left button to release slime behind to let an opponent hit and die. Also doing this speeds you up for a short period of time.
While wandering around you’ll meet your opponents. Passing through them doesn’t kill you but avoid touching their slime when they release. Cause you’re gonna die early.
Each slime orb you release costs you ten points. You can find yourself like a little worm without any score if you use your left button too much. So try to get skill in intercepting your opponent and releasing slime at right time.
As soon as you kill a Slug, turn back and collect the points that scattered around.
As an example; if you killed a Slug that had 1000 points, you’ll have them if you manage to collect before others do. Killing big Slugs makes you earn more score but sure in a more dangerous way.
There is another way of dying: Touching to the play ground’s border. When you wander around you’ll nottice the border with larger line. Don’t touch it!
As you see, you need good reflex for playing Try to get used to its speed and begin to build a strategy about being defensive to be safer or being offansive to gain higher scores.

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