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An Alternative to is a great snake game to spend some time just like which is a free game that you can play through your browser lauched a while ago and managed to be popular more than The game have the same mechanics however formulated it in a different manner.

We used to try to grow bigger by eating our small opponents to be the biggest ball in However our main character is snake in and we try to grow bigger by collecting the glowing orbs that you will find on the map. The only difference is size does not matter in which means you can eliminate even the biggest snake at any size.

An Alternative to

When any snake will hit to any opponent snake with its head, it will be eliminated and other players who will collect the remaining orbs will increase its score in a fast way. It is possible to grow by simple collecting the orbs however once you grow the game become harder because you have limited space to move. You have the chance to be successful even you are a small snake in

You start playing online game by choosing a nickname to your snake and then start competing with your opponents to be the bigger snake in the game. If you really enjoy playing then you will really love as well.

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