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New Legend

Today, playing games on internet become so popular when compared with the video or game console games and game is the most popular and fun way to do this. can be played on computers, tablets or mobile phones with the internet connection and this is the biggest reason why game become this much popular. The game is so popular that even you type game, hacks or bots to any search engine, you can find millions of information about it.

You can also play through your browser from our website now and the things that you need to do to play is quite simple.

Your goal in is to collect the glowing orbs on the map by using your mouse and grow as big as you can by doing so. You can also collect the remainings of the other opponent snakes in order to directly collect their scores. Of course there are some strategies that you can adopt while playing the game in order to ensure your growth. Here are some of theses strategies.


In the event that you wil just begin to play then you will be faster than the bigger snakes which will allow you to make better manuevers in order to cut their ways to eliminate them. Once you will eliminate them collect their remainings as fast as you can since other snakes will be in there in order to collect those too. As you grow bigger you will be slower and you will need to avoid from the smaller ones.

You do not have to hit any other snake with your head, if you do so, you will be eliminated however you are allowed to pass on your own body. You can play with your friends once you will download the mod through our website where you can team up with them. You can play whenever you want in order to have some good time in your free times.

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