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Playability of Controls Controls Are Easy is one of the most successful online browser games that has managed to offer different things to players. It can obviously be seen from the number of players who are still playing game. Most of the other similar online browser games have been forgotten and app has managed to remain its popularity for a single reason: Its gameplay. gameplay really offers players a much fair competence environment that many of the other online browser games could not. So the game is all about good strategies that have to be followed during the game. Also, controls allows players to perform very tense actions in such a small game.

Talking about controls, there are a few buttons for controls. You will use your mouse to control the snake you have and use the left mouse button to accelerate, which is a skill that also creates a shield on your snake that kills players when they hit it. In this sense, game offers players a very tense gameplay with very easy controls. Apart from these, there are also mods, which players love too. There are different hacks in each mod and all of them are more fun from each other. These hacks are the additional features and extras which make changes on gameplay in order to create a different gamaplay. 

Unfortunately, you may encounter several lag problems during your games in moded servers. To solve these lag problems, you can search the web for several lag mods. You can download a lag mod to solve the problem or changing your internet connection to a more stable one like the local networks may solve the lag problem you have.

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