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Will 2 Be Launched? managed to be one of the most popular games since the first day it was released and it attracted many attentions from all around the world. There were only some minor changes took place in the game by the Thorntree Studios however many mods had been released which you can find the most popular and widely played mods in our website.

But according to some reliable sources began to lose players with the launch of other games such as Pokemon GO and more. Last week the rumor spread by one of the close friends of the Thorntree Studios developer. We learned that he is intended to develop the second version of, the 2.

We are not sure whether this rumour will be realized by the Thorntree Studios or it was just to let be on the agenda again however we will see and learn in the following weeks. If this is true what do you think about what kinds of innovations we will see in the game? Or do you think that the mechanics and the platform will be changed completely?

Let us know what do you think about 2 by leaving a comment.

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