• Artifial Intelligence (idiot) – Automatically avoid other snakes (not all the time)
  •  Just a stupid bot. (Sorry)
  • You can control BOT (not all the time) BOT Mods v3 Released! Mods User Script

How to install Mods?



  1. Esmeralda hates bots Reply

    Where is the fun winning from a dumb bot? They are stupid and boring in the game. I prefer to play against real people controlling a worm.

    • Anonymous

      Install tampermonkey from the chrome web store and it will take you to a site where you click install.
      After just got to and it should work.

  2. can u remove these fucking bots from slither its lagging the shit out of this good game and making it awful

  3. Some Person Who Everyone Hates Reply

    HI, I CARE WHAT YOU THINK DON’T GET ME WRONG!!!! But……….. Seriously?

  4. It would be nice if it could detect when someone is circling you, and quickly find a exit 🙂

  5. HezIsAwesome Reply

    This is stupid. there are no bots. Just a bot controlling you

  6. I can tell when the server is bot infested now. Bots are hard to kill when you’re small, but then when you get to a certain size you can circle bots all day and they don’t even try to break out. You get surrounded by other bots though, and you end up hitting them. I can tell when a snake is human because humans tend to get bigger, and they make smooth movements. When the server is mostly bots, I just give up. It was kind of funny though–the other night I was about 20k and some bot program was sending blue and white pencil snakes at me. They kept crashing into me as I was stretched out in a line, and I must have picked up an extra k off it. Then it attracted a bunch of other snakes and I ran into the inevitable traffic. I’d like to see a “humans only” server, mixed, and a “play vs. bots with difficulty control” option. People might be willing to pay for those options.

  7. shane miller Reply

    This is stupid man… whats the point of a bot on seriously it defeats the purpose and you gain nothing but the knowledge that a computer plays a game better than you.

  8. IraqiGamer Reply

    Hi when do you install nods for on mobile thanks

  9. the bot is safe and also lol it is a bot not you vs bot it is ment to control the snake for you its ok still needs work and bugs worked out for now it is meh and to turn it ff simply use tamper monkey or grease monkey to enable and disbale it duh lol it is how u got it in the first place.

  10. dude! its screwing up my iMac and I can’t move on my own! HELP MEEE

  11. When i was using this for multiple rounds in a row, it seemed that it was getting better. Did you specifically code that in, or is that just a arbitrary anomaly?

  12. Thought this is like you against bots but nope it isn’t it only makes me a bot :/

  13. hi,
    Thanks for your BOT. But I think I just need auto dodge.
    This script auto move my snake, I can not control them.
    So that isnt fun

  14. Code is obfuscated, I don’t trust it. I can’t even check it’s safe. :/

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  16. Gageswenson64 Reply

    i thought it works like bots where they just come to you 🙁

  17. The idea is great however doesnt work in tampermonkey at the moment, downloads broken and when I paste it into tampermonkey it has a dozen semi colen and formatting errors, please fix

  18. I see that you cant turn it off mid game but i would like to see it in the future!! Just use one of the keys Like T to enable and disable. because some times my bot will go for the smaller peices when a snake died right next to it but Keep up the good work!

  19. Works better than I expected. You can disable it in Tampermonkey options, no need to reinstall.

  20. to get rid of it just remove tampermonkey and it will be gone then if you want zoom or something else again redownload tampermonkey and get the mods

    • simply play a game until it moves for you it becomes a computer based A.I. and moves on its own its pretty cool but takes the fun away from the game

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