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How to play with hack and skin is among the most searched topics. This is a game that is like which is among the most played games of recent times and you grow bigger by collecting the glowing orbs. In fact, this game is the snake game which we have played in our old mobile phones for years. is played online just like and the game ends by being eliminated by other snakes.

Well, How to Play

You can start playing the original game or mod through our website. You need to collect the glowing orbs in order to grow bigger. Do not get too close of the other snakes and let them hit you with their head in order to eliminate them. Increase your points by collecting the glowing orb of eliminated players.

Download and Play

Hold the left button of your mouse in order to speed up and let other players hit you. Then eat the points on the screen in order to increase your score.

You need to collect orbs and grow bigger in just like Another goal in the game is to eliminate other players around you and collect their remainings. The most fun way to do is, draw a circle around the other snakes in order to not let them escape anywhere. It is possible to speed up by holding the left button of your mouse in order to guarantee your success.

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