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One of the tricks to avoiding the lag is to hug the outer 1/3 of the map at larger size snakes. Must be much less to draw for the browser so the framerate increases a good bit. Still tricky though.

One of the things i hate the most about this game is the suicidal <500 point snakes. They see the big daddy and they just HAVE to throw themselves at it and screw the consequences. Its a very legit tactic and i do it myself to get a good lead in the early game =D

The larger you get the more conservative you tend to get. So use that to your advantage when dealing with the big guys. They wont take risks so much.

Also, when coiling around your tasty meals, remember that you are very compact and thus an easy target for large snakes to coil you.

I also think that head on collisions should always favour the larger snake. At the moment it seems to be based on RNG. Whichever the hit-detection decided what snake got hit first.

This game is very addictive. A very simple form of PvP but very pure.

Please read help lag around big snakes+game tactics self.Slitherio

Hello everyone I like the game but my biggest problem is the lag when ever I am big I lag so much that it is unplayable i end up running into someone I lag alot when I boost so I cant really control where ill end up if I had no lag I could play better I know there is not alot you can do about the lag I guess Ill have to put up with it.

second of all when a very mean hungry snake circles around you and they trap you is there any tactics you can use to escape because I have been trapping people alot and the game seems pretty easy by doing that is there any other tactics I need to know although it is not easy because of lag does anyone know how I can fix lag thank you for reading my text I know its long but just wanted something to be done about the lag comment below if you have any ideas on how to fix lag or tactics I could use thanks so much for reading I took alot of time into writing this the game is awesome.


@ERRA COTTA  For the trapping, there is nothing to do but attempt to dash at their head when they come around. For the lag…use a program like CCleaner or something to speed up performance or find something that suits you.

When you are big, try staying away from the centre. Too many small snakes who suicide to try to cut you off are a pain, and contribute to lag.

@aimnox For the trap: The trapper will try to make the circle smaller, to do that it need no put the head inside the circle, try to put your body in it’s way.

bigger snakes always trap smaller snakes sorry to say if u get trapped by a bigger snake there is not much you can do about it.
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