Skins, Hacks, Mods, Unblocked Mod 0.8 by Slither King Mod 0.8 Developed by Slither King

Slither King is one of the developers who keeps his mods up to date and improve it a lot in line with the reviews of the players. In this article we will provide you a mod review which will belong to the latest version of the mod developed by Slither King. He became popular after becoming the first developer to develop a bot which is working great. In the event that you already use one of his mods than we can guarantee that you will love this one too.

As usual you turn on and off your bot by pressing the T button while you are playing As far as he tells, he developed the artificial intelligence of his bot and as a result of our tests we couldn’t see any difference since we think that the previous one was perfect too but if he say so, he obviously did. You use the Y and U buttons to turn on and off the visual and log debugging. Again it will be in your favor to turn on the visual debugging in order to see any possible dangers. You can increase or decrease this radius by using the collision radius multiplier. A button will increase the size while S button will reduce it. As you grow bigger you will have to increase this multiplier since your turn will take longer when you are bigger.

In the event that you will press I button and turn on the auto respawning feature then you will start again immediately whenever you will be eliminated. You can turn on the collision detection by clicking the C button while playing. This will warn you with large red dots when you are in danger. In this way you will be able to realize the possible dangers in advance and take precautions.


If you will turn on the prey hunting feature by pressing the P button for once, your snake will directly go and get the moving orbs which provide extra length to your snake. We highly recommend you to turn it on until you grow in size since it will reduce the time you will grow. You may want to pause mod however since it is an online game it wont be possible. In these time in the event that you will press the D button your snake will start to draw circles around itself. It works for a short period of time however other opponents who will see that you are away from the keyboard will directly attack you and cage you with their bodies.

You can use the ESC button of your keyboard to reset your snake and start from the beginning at the different part of the map and you can use Q button to quit to main page. You can use the zoom hack in this mod again and you are able to reset the changes you made in game by pressing the Z however keep in mind that this only works for the zoom setting.

He announced that it is possible to change the skin of your snake while playing by pressing the X button but as of today he didn’t add this feature yet. In fact you will be playing with a white skin. We guess there is a problem with the coding which he didn’t realized yet. However once he will realize it, it will only take few minutes to fix this and you will be able to change your skin as you wish while playing this mod. You can also turn on the auto skin rotator by clicking on the W button. Let  us know what do you think about this mod after you play by leaving a comment to us.


Automatic Bot Controls it selfs
More Clever Bot.
He eats foods and not die easily
[T / Right Click] You can Toggle Bot on/off
[U] You can debug Bot
[Y] You can open green stroke foods, sensor seeing.
[I] Automatic Respawning
[O] Mobile Rendering
[P] Hunt prey – Moving food
[D] Defence your self (do circle)
[Z] Reset Zoom
[C] Enemy avoidance / Collision prevention
[A / S] Keys for grow collision radius
[M] Auto Mobile rendering
[Q] Quit Menu
[ESC] Respawn
[W] Auto Skin Rotator
+ Mouse Whell zoom in/zoom out
+ X-Y Coordinates

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