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As everybody knows, is one of the most famous online browser games that is based entirely on skills. The game, unlike the other similar online browser games, offers the fairest competence environment with a tense gameplay. Many of the other similar games in which players need to eat each other have already been forgotten because they could not offer something different. They all were offering a gameplay that gives more advantage to players with huge sizes. But the game, thanks to the game experience based entirely on skills and using the controls in the best way, is still popular and still played by thousands of players.

For those who might have got bored of the original version of the gameplay, several developers have created several different mods extension opportunities. These mods extensions includes several different features that the original version of the game does not have. For example, a feature in a mods extension lets you play with your friends in the same modded server, while another one offers you bot snakes to speed up the game to make players only focus on fighting.

Many of the players with unstable internet connections are known to constantly encounter lag problems. To solve this problem and not to encounter any lag problems during your games in any hacked server, you can change your internet connection and connect to a local network. Also, make sure that you have given the highest priority to your web browser on the task manager. If you are still having lag problems in a private server in which you can play with hacks, search the web for several different lag fixes.

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