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Boosting is the act of speeding up while giving up control by pressing left click. It also wastes mass Blocking – Blocking is when you use your body to try to kill somebody running into you Circling – Circling is the act of making a circle around a snake then gradually going narrower. Double Circle – A double circle is when a person is circling another snake, and another person circles them. (This also carries over to the triple,quadruple,quintuple, etc, just with more snakes) Snipe – Pretty much just killing a snake. I don’t know if anybody actually uses this besides me and my friends. Orbs – The glowing circle things that if you pick up give you points, also the ones player drops. Floater – The orbs that move around and give about 100 mass. Circling yourself/ Spiraling – When you get big enough you can move your mouse into a circle making a spiral and making you invincible. (might)

Thanks to @Crisist Mods v3 Released!

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