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The Game is one of the most popular browser based game which is highly addictive. Although the game is quite new it attracted the attention of many players from all around the world from all ages and it spread like a virus. Players became addicted to this game especially with the videos uploaded to YouTube by many YouTubers.

Although began to be played in previous year it spread to many players due to its addictive nature. Upon this new versions of the game launched for the smart phones and in this way it managed to exist in the mobile platforms too. Such a successful game had to open many servers in all around the world in order to meet the increasing demand for the game.

the-slither-io-game Like Game,

Now a new trend already began right after the is a browser based game which is quite similar to and it is also developed by the same developers of the It would not be lie to say that YouTube Channels already began to upload numerious videos about game just like its pioneer and the number of the active players of already exceeded 100 millions of players.

Although it is similar in terms of the gameplay in fact the game let us remember the very old but good classic snake game of Nokia 3310 which we all used to love to play snake game. The logic is similar however you will be controlling a snake in here the sizes do not matter in

When we compare with the we can see that scores come to the fore in and it is quite much more easy to grow faster in since you can eliminate all sizes and collect their points. One of the reasons why and managed to be this much popular is, they need the minimum system requirements for a game however some of the people experience lags due to their internet connection too.

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