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Unlike many other online browser games,, which is known to have been downloaded and played by millions of people all over the world, offers players a much more relentless competitive environment with its exciting and very fun gameplay and extremely easy controls, which can be handled by anyone who can use a computer mouse. game undoubtedly has been this much popular for its fair competition opportunities which allows any player to kill other, even if anyone of them is very small yet. This really makes the game fairly addictive. The more you die, the more you want to play one more time.

To be the one who wins, you have to draw a low profile at the beginning of the game. Try to avoid joining being involved fights and try to eat the colorful dots on the map in order to grow first. After you have grown a bit, try to kill snakes smaller than you by circling them by using your dash skill, which you can activate by pressing and holding the left mouse button. This unforgiving feature of the game really impassions players and when you are fairly grown, it will be what you will have to do inevitably.

However, it is very sad not to be able to play anytime you want. game is blocked in some places like offices or school. So you need to find a link to play unblocked. Fortunately, you can play unblocked on many platforms on the web. With a little effortless search you will make on the web, you can find several places that allows you to play unblocked. Remember, when you have reached the highest score in the game, stay away from the middle of the map and stick to the corners.

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