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Many people still play game due to its easy gameplay as well as simple logic. All you need to worry about is not getting killed by other snakes and kill them. In order to do this, you need to adopt a good strategy and tactics are everything in this game. In case you will travel all around the map randomly, then it is highly possible for you to be a food for the other snakes. In order to avoid such situations and rank higher in the scoreboard, you need to open your eyes and senses as well as avoid great snakes to kill them in the future. There are many tactics that you can learn by playing the game however you can also check out our guides in order to learn more.

In addition to the original game there are many mods that you may want to give a try. You can download the script of these mods to your browser and access them whenever you want. All you have to do is download a third party tool which is known as TamperMonkey and available on the application market of your browser. Once you download and install the extension, you can download any of the mods which are also known as unblocked servers. It will be worth to note that most of the mods are more crowded than the original servers due to the new features they offer to players unlike the original game which never makes any change in it.

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