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The Child of and Snake Game,

New Game which was inspired from the first stages of the Spore game and even become subject to famous TV series such as House of Cards became a source of inspiration to many game makers. The developers of the decided to make the snake version of the and developed the

You can directly start playing through our website from your browsers. It does not include any ads, any political messages and frustrating chats. However the game is becoming more crowded since it can be easily played and becoming popular in each passing day there for this arise some problems in the game such as lag. However all of our servers are the top quality servers and you will not experience any type of lag in the event that you have a stable internet connection when you play through your browsers.

You goal in game is to collect the balls on the map which are colorful and try not to hit to the bodies of the opponent snakes. As you can slither on your body, it is quite fun to trap bigger snakes by drawing a circle around them. You can speed up by holding the left button of the mouse by losing some of your parts while speeding. One of the best parts when compared with is, you can beat any of your opponents regardless of your or their size.

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