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v4 Major Update is Coming Soon Mods v4 Major Update Coming Soon


Hello all! As you may know, we have recently published our own mods v3. It contains many features and this post is to notify you that even more are coming! That’s right, a major revamping new update is coming up! It has new features such as a party/clan war  mode, kill count and timer, New UI, list of daily top players/clans! Features that will be in the update:



As you can see, a LOT of improvements to the game are coming! Stay tuned, and be ready to have a whole lot of more fun! As mentioned above, we’ll post here too when the new update releases.


If you’ve got any other ideas or feature requests for us to add, leave a comment down below. Mods v3 Released!

How to install Mods?

Step 1: Clear web browser’s cache.
How to clear the Cache?:

Step 2: Remove all mods and extensions

Step 3: Download/Install Tampermonkey:

Step 3: Install Mods 3.3


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