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What is Mods? How to Play

Details of and Mods

We can consider as the advanced version of the combination of old snake game in Nokia phones and which is also developed by the same developers, Thorntree Studios.

The purpose of the gaim is to grow as much as you can by collecting the glowing orbs however the main difference between the games is you are a snake in while you are a round ball in

Your grow bigger by collecting the orbs however since is a multiplayer you will have many opponents who are real players just like you. In the event that you will hit any snake with your head then you will be eliminated or vice versa. Once any snake will be eliminated the whole points of that snake will be revealed in the place of its body which you are able to collect them. These points are open to every snake and usually many snakes rush to that area to collect as much as points they can. It is possible to unlock new skins by sharing your score on your social media accounts however in the event that you will download and play any mod you will directly have all of those skins for free. mods are not different than the original game, in fact they are the original game which offers few more features such as free skins.

Details of and Mods

Although is originally browser based game it is also available for smart phones as well. In the event that you are going to play from your computer then you can move your snake with the help of your mouse. You can boost the speed of your snake by holding the left button of your mouse however you should know that you will lose some of your parts while you are going fast.

In the event that you will play it on your smartphone then you can move your snake to the direction where you will move your finger on the screen. You will have to tap twice in order to speed up while playing on smartphones. Playing on mobile phones may cause some lag issues this is why those who play the game on their computer always have the advantage.

In the event that you are interested in mods then you can download them through our website.

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