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How to Use Mods v3.3 Features? mods offer quite broad features that can maximize the fun of the game despite the classic concept of the In this article we will be providing detailed information about how you can use the features of mods. We will assume that you have already installed to mod however in the event that you did not yet, you can check out our blog for how to install mod.

Once you launch the game a box with various tabs will meet you in the homepage. Let’s check all of these features one by one;


The Play Tab

This is where you can prefer the clan tag, your nickname. This mod allow you to save your nickname so whenever you launch the game your nickname will be ready. You can create the party mode in order to play with your friends. In the event that one of your friends already created a party then all you will have to do is type the party code to the relevant part. You can get a party code by clicking on the create party button to get and share your party code with your friends. You can also check out the updates and bug fixes from the part which contains green fonts as well as you can change your preferred language by simply clicking on the nation flags at the bottom of the section.


The Graphics Tab

This section will allow you to change your graphics preferences as you can do the same by clicking the snake at the right top of the screen however you can also prefer a background texture as well as upload your own background to play on that board.


The Connection Tab

This is where you can prefer a predetermined IP to match with but you have the know the IP of your friends in advance. In the event that you are just play some game and have fun then you can skip this tab since it requires a little bit of computer knowledge. Having no information about this section will not affect your gameplay in any way.


The Settings Tab

This tab allows you to create a clan, determine a clan tag, name as well as logo to play it. You will see a notice that you clan logo must be 200 x 150 pixels. In the event that you do not know how to arrange the sizes of your logo you can get help from the online tools which allow you to resize your pictures in accordance with your preferences.


The Help Tab

You will be able to find detailed help about the mod in this section. You can watch the videos on YouTube in order to learn how to do some of the things that you wonder. You can also find the shortcuts that you can use while you are playing the game from this section however you will be able to see them on the right bottom of the screen while you are playing as well.


The Contact Tab

You can directly contact with us by filling the required blanks in this section. Once you will submit it, we will contact with your as soon as possible.


The Credits Tab

This is the part we offer our special thanks to the people who contributed to our mod to become a better game and serve in many languages.

We hope that this article met some of the questions on your mind as well as provided a deep perspective for the features of the mod. Have a nice game!

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