Slither io Guide, Tips & Tricks

Slither io Guide, Tips & Tricks
This category is about game tactics, tips & tricks. This helps you to get started in the game, but also how to advance, kill others, grow, hunt, and increase your rank. Maybe at last, you will get to the leaderboard? Who knows, it’s up to you. But the guides in this category will greatly help you. In the comments you can discuss tactics with the fellow readers, and tell them which worked best for you. The tactics are written by people who are very good at the game, so don’t worry!

Everything about

Everything about Thorntree Studios, the developer of he addictive game for those who want to conquer the world with a small ball launched their new game with the name of the The released on March 25, 2016 and become the application which is downloaded most both in general applications and game category. The game also ranked in the first three in many countries of the world in a week. Well, how to play the in which the ball of the replaced with the snakes that we can remember from our old Nokia phones?…
Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

Cheats, Tips, & Tricks was only released in March of 2016, but it’s one of the biggest web-based games out there right now. combines the basic principles of (another massive multiplayer browser game) with Snake, the classic arcade game. People have been drawn to the game’s simplicity, and it’s surprisingly addictive once you get into it. Not only that, but Let’s Plays from YouTube personalities like Markiplier and Achievement Hunter have served as free advertising for the web game. In, players use their mouse (or their finger, in the mobile app) to eat as many…

What is How to Play

How to Play and What is is the popular game of recent times which does not require any setup. This means that you do not have to download any file to play is a browser game which can help you to spend few hours with fun. is a snake game where players try to grow bigger by collecting the orbs that are available on the map or revealing these orbs by eliminating other snakes. You earn scores as you grow bigger and rank in the leaderboard. You will need a mouse in order…

How to Download Mods

 How to Download Mods   Make sure you disable any other extension and scripts first!   This post is intended to help the Google Chrome users on how to install or uninstall user script (or Google they call it Content Script) in their browser. Google Chrome rapid updates and changing had cause a lot of problems on how user can install user scripts and how the user script interact with the browser. To make thing simple, I’m going to introduce you all to Tampermonkey extension in Google Chrome which is very similar to Geasemonkey add-on in Firefox.…
Best Mod

Best Mod

Best Mods   As you already played then you will know how the mod can be full with fun. Since most of these mods are developed by the developers sometimes the stores of the operating systems do not support these mods and therefore do not publish them. You can take the advantage of these mods and have more fun through our systems where we offer the best mods.   Most of the modes have common issues such as you can see a map on the right part of your screen so that you will know you…
Tips to Get Big

Tips to Get Big

    Here are some important strategies I use to get big, with examples from a video of me getting to 190k. (with a zoom hack, which makes the strategies easier to do, and easier to see) 1) Turn on OS-level “pointer trails” for your mouse. It makes the mouse pointer much easier to see while playing. You can find this in control panel mouse settings (windows), or preferences mouse settings (mac). 2) corpse-hunting: Especially in the start, I focus less on killing, and more on catching corpse food killed by someone else. less riskier this way. example 3)…

Which control scheme is the best in

In the latest update, two new control schemes were introduced that give you greater control over your snakey fiend. There’s Joystick mode, Arrow mode, and the original mode now dubbed ‘Classic’. Now, if you’re anything like us you’ll likely have opened the game and screamed: “What is going on?!” That’s a fair reaction – change is scary. But don’t panic just yet. Pocket Gamer has been brave for you, and tested out the three control schemes extensively to give you a definitive answer. Read on to discover which one’s best. Classic Classic (as the name suggests) is the… complete review by complete review by A game that launched on March 30th in the United States, whose developers did not expect the game to blow up at all. The developers did not pay for any advertisement, but all of a sudden, everyone was playing the game, all around the globe! It was first played by Bodil40 on the day of release. This increased the amount of players greatly. Much like its loved and hated .io friend, it started lagging and players started complaining. The developers did not expect the growth, but they started adding servers.…
Eat Your Own Tail!

Eat Your Own Tail!

  Today i tried an counter intuitive strategy, so far I’ve only been beaten by my own greed, not by being outplayed or being out numbered, I’ve never been encircled and constricted, reached 60k multiple times; get top 15 mass (I know, it isn’t a full strategy, it is end game strategy) get to the middle eat your own tail, while doing this make an as big as possible circle patience if something close by dies eat it, but don’t go that far that you break formation, don’t take risks, we are playing the long game more patience Generally…
4 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Snake Bigger Than the Rest

Make Your Snake Bigger Than the Rest

Make Your Snake Bigger Than the Rest falls in to that category of games that are quite easy to pick up, but take quite a bit of skill to master. Become bigger is your goal in, but to do so while surviving is no easy task. Here’s a few tips and tricks that might help turn things into your favour. If you continue to die even after all these, remember that practice and a bit of luck are your friends.     #1 Stay by the Big Guys. Big snakes make big kills, and you want to…
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