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We don’t host our extension on the  Chrome Web Store anymore, because they don’t support our amazing features. So for now, you will have to use the userscript for new features. Mods UserScript v3 Mods v3

Major update released!

Hi again all! Today I proudly announce the new major update, V3.0! As you may know already from the previous coming-soon article ( ), a lot of new features have been added, and we actually listened to your suggestions. Mods UserScript v3-2 Mods UserScript v3

The new features are:

    • Party mode!
    • Bigger map
    • Seeing your party members dot on the map
    • Seeing your friends dot on the map
    • Brand new UI, some improvements to the in-game UI
    • Customizable next gen extension.
    • Setting a clan logo
    • Setting a clan name
    • Setting a clan tag
    • Added popular clan tags [Hero] [SR] [Schnitzel] [Gorgrond] [pewdiepie] [skYd] [mlG] [] [OpKa] [xTRA] [SFM] [EPIC] [MG]
    • More Skins!
    • A Bot (BETA) This was going to be added, but it’s too unstable. For now, we’ve got AFK/pause mode [F key]
    • Multi language (German, Turkish, English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Hebrew and Czech for now, if you want more added, don’t hesitate to contribute and we’ll add your name to the credits list!)
    • Easier access to support and contact
  • As requested, zoom reset now also works with Period (.) for keyboards without a Tilde key

Change logs: 
– Use your mouse/keyboard to zoom in and zoom out (Zoom Hack Mod) (Zoom In/Out = Mouse Wheel Scroll) to i/o keys ( i for Zoom in / o for Zoom out )
– You know your current position.
– Track your FPS with the FPS counter
– Track the IP of your friends’ server with your current server’s IP address.
– Connect to your friends’ IP and play together.
– Owning a low-end system? No worries. The plain background makes it compatible with – any system.
– Glow also lessened to support low end systems.
– Choose your own graphic mode compatible with your system.
Play with friends (direct connect to the servers)
– Saving nick and settings.
– Selecting a Server.
– Background Changer (Upload a background, then click “Set BG” to set it.)
– Toogle Snake Skin Rotator [Start or Stop -W] New!
– Respawn [ESC]
– DIE Back to main menu [Q]
– Toggle HUD – [TAB]
– Reset Zoom – [Tilde]
– New UI
– All permission, bugs and issues fixed!
– Tracking and saving best score New! (v2.1.0)
– Unblocked skins New! (You don’t need to share social media) (v2.1.0)
– New skins ( Skins Mod) “(v2.1.0)
Black Snake Skins New! (v2.1.0)
– White Snake Skins New! (v2.1.0)
– Help text added in game for Zoom Mod & Speed (v2.1.0)
– Fixed Keep Zoom Hack (v2.1.0)
– Fixed Save Background Settings (v2.1.0)
– Leaderboard text change to “Top 10 Heroes” (v2.1.0)
– Length and Rank area changed (v2.1.0)
– *Fixed New skins ( Skins Mod) “(v2.1.1)
– Zoom in/out is faster now (v2.1.2)
– * Fixed & removed auto open (2.1.3)
– +Added zoom option to i/o keys ( i for Zoom in / o for Zoom out ) Mods UserScript v3-3

This allows for amazing cooperation, because you can team up with friends and meet them in the server because you can easily see them on the map.

Planned features are:

    • Clan Wars
    • In-game radio
    • In-game voice chat
    • Bot
    • Screenshot button
    • Key remapping
  • More settings

As always, you can contribute and ask for new features by shooting us a message. You can easily contact us using the in-game “Contact” tab, too! By the way, before you ask any questions, view the in-game “help” tab and watch the amazing video guide. This will solve most – if not all – your questions.

Make sure you disable any other extension and scripts first!

How to install user scripts? Mods User Script

How to install Mods? TUTORIAL


Make sure you disable any other extension and scripts first!

How to install user scripts? Mods User Script Mods v3
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  1. doesnt work says:

    doesnt work, only extra features, no hacks in it

  2. Eshen says:

    Im done with this

  3. Britto says:

    Hey guys! Morning.

    I followed all the tips, but when I install nothing happens. I’ve already cleared my cache, removed extensions, and all the others things. does not work here 8(

  4. jackson says:

    can you make some mods for it is so fun please

  5. Zach says:

    good game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yaboi says:

    How do I bring the mod menu up? I have tampermonkey and I enabled the mod but how do I bring it up?

  7. Tom12321 says:

    Awesome job

  8. Jhson882 says:

    i don’t know this is installer

  9. Anonymous says:

    how do you get the hack,

  10. Oscar Maspons says:

    How why are you lazy make v4.4 or update v4.4 we want it we want it lazy people do your jobs v4.4

  11. Oscar Maspons says:

    we still want the new mod v4.4 even though new .io games and slither is not as popular any more but if you releiese v4.4 mod that is why we want new mods new contont new skin its been months reliese it please respond see this comment or update it’

  12. love slither io says:

    hi i installed it on fire fox i got the mod screen menu but when i press play it does not start ….can any one help

  13. Ariela Raina says:

    How do i play it theres no app where i can play it?

  14. hi says:

    i did everything it says invalid script header!!!!!!!

  15. Oscar Maspons says:

    make v4.4 also for cpu and mobile divise

  16. Starling says:

    It was good mod, you say that you will update to v4 a couple months ago, when will it be updated ?

  17. eduardo morais says:

    eu gostei

  18. raifesehalide says:


  19. tq3t says:

    umm why can’t we just download it this is stupid man doing all kinds of stupid stuff wheres the download at shit

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hola que tal he instalado el tampermonkey y la extensión del slither pero esta cuando le doy a recargar la pagina no carga osea el mod no se activa quisiera saber por que si es algun problema del mod


  21. Someone Who Loves says:

    Is this Even safe Im really scared for my laptop to get a a Virus even if I have 14 virus, add protecter and all that stuff Im trusting this thing I guess

  22. Anonymous says:

    I cant find it = the button to install it

  23. deadpool452 says:

    They won´ let me get zoom mod

  24. angel clauding quilang says:

    this is cool and super super nice.

  25. john says:

    This is awesome

  26. Luka Gamer says: is so cool game and i like this game so

  27. YoGramma says:

    How to get in android phone????????

  28. 123456789 says:

  29. Anonymous says:

    i can´t get it ! 🙁

  30. anonima says:

    vcs poderiam traduzir para o portugues essa pag?

  31. berbin says:

    this is hard show pictures instead

  32. Anonymous says:

    this is hard show pictures instead

  33. anti anonymus says:

    putos anonymus

  34. Anonymous says:

    cant get

  35. Anonymous says:

    I’m waiting for 4 version, when will you update it ?

  36. Oscar Maspons says:

    hey anyomes im sory if i spelled your name wrong but the zoom hack mod is here but first install tampermonkey on chrome web store then install this script v2.2
    zoom in and out with mose scroll or o andi keys on keyboard

  37. frk says:

    It doesn’t work in Chrome mate. Not any more.

  38. blaaaaaaa says:

    is their away that i can download this app on a apple laptop… if their is away plz tell me

  39. Dan says:

    Como vai para se site

  40. fossil says:

    it wont work

  41. Anonymous says:

    HOW DO YOU GET ZOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. kaiky says:


  43. Anonymous says:

    not so bad

  44. Anonymous says:

    slitherio mods is about hacker.

  45. Braden says:

    i want the zoom hack or mod how do you get it?

  46. سهيلة says:

    هده افضل لعبة

  47. XXDAYOPOPXX says:


  48. Anonymous says:

    how do you download the hacks and mods for slitherio

  49. Anonymous says:

    It dont work

  50. Anonymous says:

    modu nasıl yükliycem

  51. PAC_BOSS says:

    esta re bueno 🙂

  52. lionel says:


  53. EPIC Player says:

    why will it not download the mod?!

  54. layane gamer says:

    como vais para podar o mods userscript v3

  55. Jsjsjzk says:

    Flash mod

  56. slitherio comande says:

    esta mod e bom para caramba e não da lag e zoom e tudo mais

  57. Anonymous says:

    very good!!!!!!!

  58. ТИ КРУИШ НЕЩО says:


  59. Anonymous says:

    Umm yey where is the download button

  60. rynotaur says:

    where is ur download button?

  61. Anonymous says:

    if in use it and close google and open it i need to install again

  62. Anonymous says:

    I’m waiting FOR V4 ! When will it be !?

  63. lukislol says:

    i did all you told me but then the page of slitherio mods doesn´t open i don´t know why

  64. zarapawz says:


  65. corey brandon luke jake harald david foden and katelin m says:

    this will be sick if you make it so it automaticly gets the mods on when you type in google

  66. kristian manovski says:

    лау много як мод но има лакове в хаковете

  67. kristian manovski says:

    lol yes mod yes

  68. Jon Wrighton says:

    my name is jon i will like this because it has no lag on it

  69. Anonymous says:


  70. Johncena says:

    hi i’m Johncena dandandandan

  71. Anonymous says:

    never get to top ten 🙁

  72. Anonymous says:

    this is not working

  73. Galaxy says:

    t to be invisible

  74. Anonymous says:

    i cant
    put one

  75. Anonymous says:

    how do you dwnload this

  76. jaqueline de oliveira ferreira says:


  77. Anonymous says:

    ik kan geen slitherio mods spelen

  78. joe says:

    yes more mods plz

  79. Anonymous says:

    how do you eve download this?!?

  80. selim kose says:

    çok güzel super

  81. patrick says:

    hi em new

  82. patrick says:

    more more !!!!

  83. patrick says:

    super cool en handig

  84. Anonymous says:

    hi im new!

  85. Anthony Sutton says:

    I’m during to geit mods

  86. Natkagirl2 says:


  87. Charelle says:

    Does it also work for an IOS Macbook? Thank you in advance

  88. crazzykitty says:

    how do i geet teh mods!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Anonymous says:

    como se usa la script

  90. colorswitchhack says:

    i use this scipt and it’s work perfectly in my comp. Thanks so much for your share !

  91. Daniel SlitherioYt Gamer says:

    I Want the NINJA Slitherio Invisimbli skin pls!!

  92. zain ali says:

    still is not working i have done all listed steps you have shown but when i refresh it, the slitherio homepage without mods is still there dude can you please help.

  93. Broke says:

    invalid script header

  94. MOISES says:

    como descargo esto

  95. Ashley Doucette says:

    Can you add a privet sever

  96. Anonymous says:

    how do i use it

    • says:

      How to add logo and customize your mod?

      How to Create Party?

      How to Join Party?

      How to change background?

      Back to default background

  97. HDSander says:

    Please add a Estonian language too.

  98. Anonymous says:

    does this work on kindle??????

  99. Anonymous says:


  100. HapzTheBomb says:

    How to we get the bots mod?

  101. paolox says:

    how i download the mod?

  102. Anonymous says:

    How do I delete this mod?

  103. Anonymous says:

    How do I delete it?

  104. Anonymous says:


  105. sam says:

    everytime i download the hack it just says untiitled! what to i do?

  106. Renan_Extreme says:

    muito legal e essa é a extensão que tem a minhoca ninja?

  107. FLAVINHO says:


  108. Daniel Mine says:

    Whenever I Try To Download The Mod At The Top It Says “Invalid Script Header” How Do I Fix This? Someone Please Help

  109. mehdiferd says:


  110. Anonymous says:

    How do I install on chromebook v3* mod on chromebook

  111. anonymous says:

    How do I get it on chromebook?

  112. Chandler says:

    How do i delete it so i can another version??

  113. jeomar says:

    hola amigos y amigas de

  114. antoine says:


  115. Anonymous says:

    its so laggy

  116. Manuel Ferreira says:


  117. Ahmedawni says:

    how do i download it please

  118. Anonymous says:

    how do i download it

  119. Savannah Matos says:


  120. tomasmora1 says:

    como de descarga

  121. Anonymous says:

    i cant install on google chrome

  122. _i3xB l says:


  123. gosh says:

    i only want a mod/hack because i want to try it.

  124. MorganGeek says:

    Je suis francais, et je n’arrive pas a l’installer !…..

  125. keebruce says:

    It says on the vid ‘add extension’ button, but WHERE IS IT?

  126. samarion says:

    it will not let me

  127. omer says:

    how dowloand

  128. bobbby says:

    won’t let me download

  129. Don says:

    How can i know that this mod safe and not a malware?

  130. Anonymous says:

    my page just keeps loading after i installed it

  131. lefter says:

    the best game

  132. Anonymous says:

    what you

  133. Anonymous says:

    me to

  134. Anonymous says:

    I can’t install The V3 Mod !!!!

  135. Anonymous says:

    me too

  136. KO Official says:

    Hello Please Create KO clan

  137. Anonymous says:


  138. jack says:

    legal demais

  139. Anonymous says:

    😀 Black Slither!!!

  140. maicon says:


  141. dodz says:

    i have just sent the indonesian translation to [email protected]
    hope it helps and useful.

  142. Anonymous says:

    hi i dond like this

  143. bridget says:

    is this safe to install?

  144. bridget says:

    is this safe?

  145. zane says:

    i don’t know how to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Lily says:

    It says is no longer works for chrome

  147. Anonymous says:


  148. Th3WolF says:

    The script doesn’t work
    Stupid mod. It says Invalid script header….
    FIX IT

  149. octavio says:

    ya se me tilda

  150. Elsoor says:

    I’M SO MAD!!!!!!!! 🙁

  151. ronado says:

    snela jemej fusket

  152. Sdf says:

    Hello thank you !

  153. octavio says:

    espero que no se me tilde

  154. marcos says:

    gostei muito

  155. ElAlesiBemPEola says:

    ameoh crea mejor hack la sheni dice que va muy laj eeeee traeme un venetoh con el putito gusto de cosecha dale o te cago a tiro gil

  156. Tinie Tempoah says:

    very good, very helpful and amazing. I played with my friends all day with this much. Even though i am a millionaire and i can ask someone to hack it for me but its more fun when you hack it and accomplished it. Thank you

  157. Tinie Tempah says:

    very good, very helpful and amazing. I played with my friends all day with this much. Even though i am a millionaire and i can ask someone to hack it for me but its more fun when you hack it and accomplished it. Thank you

  158. Anonymous says:


  159. Anonymous says:

    It wont let me press play when i have it downloaded

  160. Anonymous says:

    this is not working i keep trying is not working

  161. Lakey says:

    Hey um, everything is working fine with the script and what not, but I can’t seem to change the quality of the playing from low to high, whenever I click it to go high it automatically goes back to low?? Is there a reason for this or is it just my laptop?? Thanks 🙂

  162. Anonymous says:

    wwe rocks but this game sucks

  163. Anonymous says:

    why this

  164. Jhson882 says:

    I m install

  165. MaxSlither says:

    u need to delete ur tampermonkey then install it back then install script

  166. Anonymous says:

    i don’t get it

  167. rvman13 says:

    My mod isn’t working i have uninstalled it and reinstalled. i reinstalled both Tampermonkey and the mod itself. plz help

  168. Anonymous says:

    How do I install for chrome? And why when I try to install it says invalid script header?

  169. Idiot says:

    I’ve downloaded the script with greasemonkey… how do i open the game so that i can literally play it?

  170. Jackie says:

    I hope that I have it

  171. camilla says:

    oi eu quero
    uma skin nova

  172. Caydude says:

    tampermonkey install fine, then click install mods and it goes to a blank page but does not give me the install button the second time and even though it says reinstall nothing happens, i have cleared cache, no other extensions, no nothing, was working and now doesn’t can’t fix, please help!!!

  173. Anonymous says:


    • Burak says:

      right click on tamper monkey icon on your browser -> settings -> installed userscripts then you can remove from list

  174. Anonymous says:

    Nao da pra istalar

  175. Anonymous says:

    it says invalid wtf!!

  176. Anonymous says:

    como descargar

  177. Brian says:

    how can i remove all extensions?

  178. Max says:

    I can not install the hack ;(

  179. ohhh says:

    Thanks i can finaly zoom out

  180. Anonymous says:

    how to download

  181. kaua henrique says: hack

  182. Anonymous says:

    Its fixed

  183. Anonymous says:

    Wont work as of today

  184. Oscar says:

    Is this legal? Can we play without worries?

  185. Anonymous says:

    doesnt work anymore

  186. wazzuper25 says:


  187. Jeff says:

    Hi, I would like to contribute to the language translations! Who should I contact? -Jeff

  188. jahn says:

    I love it so much.: )

  189. Andrew Marass says:

    update please!!! :\

  190. #GETREKTNOOB says:


  191. Anonymous says:

    it all dis appeared

  192. arthur2 says:

    o slitherio e loco

  193. Anonymous says:


  194. bro says:


  195. cowanboys says:

    i just love the io games like

  196. Cella says:

    Hello. All of a sudden my mods are not working. I re downloaded tampermonkey and installed this mod. It shows that its on when I click on the dashboard however when I go to the site it shows that it isn’t. I can’t seem to figure it out :/

  197. Kirill Riesinger says:

    I tried all the things you asked me to do and it still won’t let me zoom out. Give a bit more specific advice as to what I should do rather than the generic crap you give everyone else.

  198. YOMISMO says:

    v3.3 NOT WORK NOW … : (

  199. Anonymous says:

    When i go to slitherio how do i pull up the mod menu

  200. kar says:

    I get a invalid script header when I click the link

  201. nurma says: skins biar menang

  202. Kirill Riesinger says:

    The zoom mod for v3 isn’t working. Any idea on how to equip the mod?

  203. Andrew Rodriguez says:

    Can i have a skin of PieDiePie

  204. Andrew Rodriguez says:

    Cab i get mod of PieDiePie skin piz

  205. Anonymous says:

    the website says untitled

  206. Andrew Rodriguez says:


  207. Anonymous says:

    it is lagging and i can´t see anything just the map and the leaderboard

  208. Siim Kr. T. says:

    I really hope that you add Estonian language. I know that Estonia is little, but… please. 🙂

    Waiting for answer:

    Siim Kr. T.

  209. victor hogo says:

    mito boy

  210. Andrew says:

    Can you add a graph showing your score or a feature showing your time alive and longest time alive? A reply would be greatly appreciated.

    – Andrew

  211. Anonymous says:

    this doesnt work on chrome!!!!!!

  212. Anonymous23 says:

    please tell me how to uninstal it?

  213. Anonymous says:

    you copy the script and use tamper monkeys script maker to make it
    and paste it in and hit save but not on hard disk
    then to check you goto dashboard and YEA!!!!

  214. oh yeah mr krabs WHREARREAERAERRAEREAREARAe says:

    i did everything
    clear the browser cache and all that
    so yeah this doesnt need help it needs to be fixed just lettin you know
    plus dont copy and paste instructions on HOW TO DOWNLOAD
    it needs to be fixed

  215. Anonymous says:

    eu quero ter o mod

  216. cdsad says:

    quiero ese hack ahora

  217. Nick says:

    How do I download

  218. Nick says:

    THIS DOSE NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. Lia says:

    the mod dose not work.

  220. tomas says: je dosť dobra hra

  221. PigPrincessYT says:

    This is really good I have no problem at all apart from when i try and go on it comes up whith a black screen and 1 red dot. please help

  222. Anonymous says:

    concha de tu madre pongan nuevos skindex por que si no que acemos putos

  223. Anonymous says:

    i can’t dowlaod this m od. 🙁

  224. Anonymous says:

    haw to get zoom!!!!!.

  225. Anonymous says: Im Trying To Intsall THe Script But It Says ”Invalid Script Header” Im From Sweden So I Dont Now If IT Is That Cus Before I Haved The Mods 🙁

  226. LIVIA says:

    SOS eu não sei ler em INGLÊS SOS POVO SOS POVO!!!!!!!

  227. I do know Eu não sei says:

    How can i change language?

  228. Lucas Felipe Caetano Ribeiro says:

    EU quero isso

  229. Anonymous says:

    i cant get the zoom or fully customizable

  230. gamer says:

    ola como deixo ele em português ?

  231. Real TheDiamondStampyCat says:

    When I click install script it just says at the top Invalid script header :/
    help please

  232. Brayan says:

    Greetings team, each color would fulfill a function, ose red can be wide, serious length green, blue serious teeth etc etc, these supplements would be interesting: D

  233. Anonymous says:

    your mod undonloaded itself and i re downloaded it, but it doesnt work. also, i cant undownload anymore.

  234. wade says:

    says the script is invalid

  235. Anonymous says:

    You should give everyone mods when they start to play. Mostly, stop the lag.

  236. skylar says:

    Why wont it let me out it in high quality?

  237. Anonymous says:


  238. Anonymous says:

    when i got my mods i got my high score of 27,563 and i went to the mod disspered and and will it save my high score on the bottem right

  239. Chaze Smith says:

    The v3 mod is not working!!!

  240. Anonymous says:

    I cant download it

  241. Michaela says:

    I’ve done all the steps, and I still cant the mod to work. It gives me the option to create a party but I end up in a public server. Please help

  242. LEL says:


  243. riden says:

    when I try to download the temper monkey appears that do not have title and the extension not be active

  244. Alexej Tint says:

    I click “Install This Script Mods!” But it does nothing!

  245. Anonymous says:


  246. hunter says:

    does not work

  247. adude says:

    which tamper monkey do i download

  248. Anonymous says:

    I cant seem to play slither with my friends… i mean i dont know how to sign in. please reply.

  249. Anonymous says:

    que lixo nao façam nds ! e serio !

  250. Anonymous says:

    how do i download it?

  251. BeastSnipes says:

    It says “Invalid Script Header”, I cleared my browser cache, downloaded tampermonkey clicked the link you put in everyone else’s comments and it doesn’t work. It just says
    “Invalid Script Header” at the top of my screen.

  252. KEONTA says:


  253. Slither.IO Fan! says:

    Hi! im a big fan of but theres a problem…

    its not to do with the mods or hacks or anything cuz i dont have any but there is SO MUCH LAG! ive tried everything! I watched youtube videos on how to clear lag, ive read articles but nothing works… My computer its self is fine, i think its server lag but it seems that every single server is laggy… what do i do?!?

  254. DramaSketsBread says:

    It doesn’t work, It just shows me the Slither Background and can’t play.

  255. [NOOB] Zihlan says:

    helo but how am noob whit makings download game hack coin?????? chlas of chens is game too.

  256. [NOOB] Zihlan says:

    Helo am noob but how is donloawd game moddings?

  257. Savannah Matos says:

    How to Uninstall cause I have script mod and I move stupidly random

  258. Anonymous says:

    how do u download the mod

  259. Anonymous says:

    why cant we install here and have to go to tampermonkey ?????

  260. Anonymous says:

    love it

  261. PLS says:

    Hey. Pls can you add invites??? PLS. (TO INVITE A WORM TO YOUR CLAN)

  262. az says:

    sry but I don’t wanna delete the cache I only searched for the slither ones and deleted them and 3.3 doesn’t work, 2.0 worked fine but I deleted it for this one, plz can you give the old mod link please cuz whenever I try to get the older ones 3.3 pops up

  263. aenoss says:

    hey i like to translate the mod to lithuanian

  264. Sara says:

    I want to hack

  265. Anonymous says:

    The menu shows up, but when I press play nothing happens and I just have to play without mods. Is it an error? Please don’t tell me how to install it, I already know. If it is an error, please fix it as soon as possible.

  266. Anonymous says:

    Downloaded The Mods And They Showed Up, But When I Press Play Nothing Happens.

  267. Sandy says:

    getting error on chrome
    “Invalid script header”

  268. JEMOEDER says:


  269. Anonymous says:

    How do you download this? I tried TamperMoney and it didn’t work. I’m using chrome. Plz help!

  270. Stealtheagle says:

    I downloaded it but whenever i click play the screen turns white what should i do??

  271. Anonymous says:

    help please

  272. Ann says:

    Ok can you please fix the issue lately when you boost or zoom in/out, the game lags and freezes up, eventually just stops and I have to exit browser to start over. But then it just does the same thing again!

  273. Jonathan says:

    yo quiero jugar con hacks

  274. Anonymous says:

    it does not work when u press install words come up

  275. Angelina says:

    i did all the steps with tampermonkey but i dont understand how to start playing from there

  276. noname says:

    When I play and i boost there is very much lag.
    Why is that?

  277. Dylan says:

    I click the link, page of text comes up, wtf…

  278. 170.789.465.00 says:

    hay has any one ever gotten 8,0988 points cause i have

  279. Logan says:

    I watched the video and followed the steps but it intoned me to a page with a lot of text. I looked up videos on how to download it for mobile but had no luck. Please help me and make an easier way to download for mobile.

  280. Mergim says:

    I just do not understand i went to Tampermonkey and pressed install and it just sends me to a blank page and when i go back it keeps saying REINSTALL. Can you PLEASE tell me what I am doing wrong!

  281. Logan says:

    I watched the video and followed the steps, but it just leads me to a page with text. I looked for mobile ways to install it but it doesn’t let me. Please help I want to have this for mobile.

  282. Polar says:

    It says invalid script header please help.

  283. Anonymous says:

    Yo, the play button is glitched and does not work. And I cant get into the game

  284. Anton says:

    Hi, I want to help translate the mod into Danish. Can i get some sort of text file to translate, and then send back?
    If so you can send it to me on: [email protected]

    -Anton, Denmark

  285. Skylar says:

    For some reason when I try to make it high quality it keeps switching it back to low quality. Can someone help? Why won’t it let me play it in high quality?

  286. Rex888 says:

    no descargen mods no me ando solo se queda conectando si no se me conecta mas es una mierda el mods

  287. Anonymous says:

    comi a tua prima

  288. Chi says:

    where did the new skins go? using greaseonkey for firefox, installed and several of the new skins i had are now gone, from the rainbow with white and black stripe, to the purple and lavender striped, to purple and pinkish colour to name a few. why are they in the other but not this one? or am i doing something wrong?

  289. Stephanie says:

    The game was working fine yesterday. Today, it lags and freezes when I use boost. What’s going on? I already tried clearing my web cache and reinstalling script.

  290. Anonymous says:

    nao estou conseguindo

  291. Prodigy says:

    doesnt install at all. Firefox I get get a white page with a ton of script no way to install. ON Chrome I get a yellow bar that says invalid script header. So it seems like this is impossible to do

  292. Brianna says:

    I tried to download it and it isn’t working, a banner pops up on the top of the window and says “Invalid script header”. I am using google chrome and i followed all of the steps in the tutorial video. It still isn’t downloading.

  293. TheNeonguy1000 says:

    When i go in i click play nothing hapens

  294. melanie says:

    if you don’t host chrome web store anymore than how do you get the extension than how do you download it.

  295. Buba says:

    Esta muí chulo

  296. henry says:

    i love u slither .io ps i watched vid its not working wont installlllllllllllllllllllllllll

  297. Anonymous says:

    It dosen’t download it just comes up with a page where there is loads of code

  298. anonymous says:

    Jak to zainstalowa?

  299. Anonymous says:

    how do you get the mod?

  300. Anonymous says:

    Whats the little song at around 1:09??

  301. IM a slither oi fan says:

    how to disable my mods

  302. IM a slither oi fan says:

    Who to disable my skins mods im on desktop i dont know plz i wanna know i want this sobad

  303. Anonymous says:

    It wont let me addd extention it says “invalid script header.”

  304. Anonymous says:

    it doesint work

  305. Anonymous says:

    too much work good job nut job

  306. nicole says:

    were do i download the mod or hack were lots of snakes just come crashing into my body

  307. Anonymous says:

    4 day of deleting cookies and extensions has gotten me no were. good by

  308. Anonymous says:

    How do you get the mods for mobile android devices?

  309. Peterseller says:


  310. Colin says:

    Some links on this page still reference 3.1, which doesn’t work.

    I found your link for 3.2 in the comments and it works.

  311. Anonymous says:

    The issue people are having is that they have 3.1 installed I guess. Some links on this page still reference 3.1 , which doesn’t work(at least in chrome). I found your 3.2 version in a link from the comments, and it works.

  312. Anonymous says:

    The Userscripts don’t work

  313. [ZyGang] Ceo says:

    Okay. It was working fine a few days ago but now it doesn’t work. I read the tutorial, and watched the video. It’s still not working. Please fix

  314. Anonymous says:

    what do i do when it says invalid script header i rlly want this

  315. help meh says:

    what if it says invalid script header?

  316. S3bast1n says:

    I have everything installed and no other mods but this one and it doesnt work anymore…I tried reinstalling but no…….It worked fine 2 days ago plz help!!!!!

  317. Anonymous says:

    3.2 not working, please fix

  318. Anonymous says:

    3.2 not working.

  319. Anonymous says:

    what about the lag? coud we have ping and servers to chose the bether one?

  320. Me says:

    This is what the userscript currently is. the actuall script has been deleted and removed.

  321. ME says:

    The script is gone

    This script was deleted from Greasy Fork, and due to its negative effects, it has been automatically removed from your browser.

  322. gio says:

    it says invalid script header

  323. Anonymous says:

    I click instanll but it just disapers

  324. Anonymous says:

    It does not work for some reason I am useing chrome and tampermonkey it says due to its negitive effects from grease monkey we have removed it from tamper monkey and the script has no special things

  325. Anonymous says:

    how to get sounds

  326. Anonymous says:

    I’m curious but would it be possible to program a function to make your snake wrap in a perfect circle that goes with your length?
    The current defense/pause mode is okay but coiling into such a small dot makes it quite easy for others to wrap you up.

  327. Anonymous says:

    Please make another chrome extension.

    • says:

      We don’t host our extension on the Chrome Web Store anymore, because they don’t support our amazing features. So for now, you will have to use the userscript.

  328. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make a chrome extension again. 🙁

    • says:

      We don’t host our extension on the Chrome Web Store anymore, because they don’t support our amazing features. So for now, you will have to use the userscript.

  329. Anonymous says:

    You say to reinstall with the link above. But it’s still the same link as before. Please fix the link.

  330. Evan says:

    mine keeps saying when i try to get the mods says we dont host our extension on the chorme store

  331. thomas says:

    any mods for android?

  332. Anonymous says:

    I can’t FIX the LAG

  333. p4b says:

    deleted all of my extensions and it still wont load for chrome

  334. kylie says:

    i cant find the things that are in the vid.!

  335. angel says:

    hello, the script has been removed from greasyfork 🙂

  336. Anonymous says:

    get high with me’

  337. sycofaery says:

    Went to play with it and am being told ” This script was deleted from Greasy Fork, and due to its negative effects, it has been automatically removed from your browser.”

    Is there a new script? i deleted and reinstalled from the link in the blog above.


  338. glrfarmer says:

    My slither v3 mod has quit working. Tampermonkey shows it as running, but it’s not loading. All I see is the unmodded game. The mod was working great about 45 mins ago.

  339. ramzi says:

    how do we hack

  340. Polak23p says:

    Hello. Polish language is okay, no grammar errors or something, but i would like to help ya with the polish language 🙂
    Can I do it?
    If yes, how?

  341. Anonymous says:

    Script was working great. Closed browser, then went to play 15 minutes later and script is not working. No errors reported but not doing anything. Normal (unmodified) game play and not showing modded menu at startup. Is it me or did something change?

  342. Anonymous says:


  343. Daken517 says:

    Help please, it says invalid script header. What do I do?

  344. Anonymous says:

    It keeps saying “Invalid script Header” What do I do? (Please, do not replyn with a link. It wont help) 🙁

  345. lisa Arkwright says:

    zoom wont’t stablize

  346. Damien says:

    It won’t let me get v3

  347. Anonymous says:

    It’s saying there’s an invalid script and I can’t download it

  348. Edward says:

    Hello Im Edward I Installes the New (MOD) but actually my skins are not in the game i cant chose my Skin and my skin aren sooo Not normal and the Enemys Skins ait please help me … And i want to Install the last Mod 2.0 or so but i cant i go to my Script and delete the 3.0 mod so I go to the 2.0 mod and install it …
    But it will automatically instaled the 3.0… Please Help Me ////.,…

  349. Kannon says:

    How do you uninstall this mod???? please help

  350. cory says:

    can I have slither.oi mods

  351. talaban says:

    i went on , and i dont see and menu what should i do cause i dont see where to play the game with the mods????

  352. Anonymous says:

    how download

  353. Anonymous says:

    It keeps telling me ‘Invalid script header.’ what do I do? DO NOT JUST REPLY WITH A LINK ON HOW TO DOWNLOAD IT! IT WILL NOT HELP ME IN MY SITUATION.

  354. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find the place to actually download it, also. I have no fricking clue on how to use the userscript!

  355. Jeff says:

    I cant download the mods for any help please, it keps saying to make sure that I have removed any other extensions but I have. It also says that you do not support Google Chrome anymore.

  356. Anonymous says:

    where download?

  357. Anonymous says:

    can someone tell me how to create an account ?

  358. Mod Lover says:

    Hi and thanks for this Mod…its Great

    But suddenly, i am having issue that zoom in/out with keyboard is not working in chrome in v2.1.x extension(i am on was working before)
    Then i installed v3 yesterday…same issue….zoom in/out from keyboard not working in v3 also

    Today i read your reply below to clean cache and all issue fixed …i do clean cache and installed script again(like you said all issue fixed) but same issue ….other than zoom in/out from keyboard, all other functions are working perfectly

  359. tim says:

    every time i get invalid script header when i try to install

  360. Angel Gomez says:

    it wont let me install it why!!!!!!!

  361. Jenny says:

    I have been using the slither mod for a while and I LOVE it. Now all of a sudden, it has an autozoom thing happening where it automatically, slowly zooms back in and I can’t stop it. HEEELLLPPP!!!!!!! How do I stop it from doing this??? I have already reset everything, disabled, enabled, gahhh… How do I fix this?!?! Thanks!

  362. Anonymous says:

    I dont know where to find the script, I’m using Google

  363. User says:

    Also, since the escape key respawns you, it should trigger the ‘play’ button instead of respwaning the play screen.

  364. User says:

    When you zoom out, it slowly zooms you back in.

  365. Anonymous says:

    When you zoom out now, it slowly zooms back in. You have to keep zooming back out.

  366. Wesley says:

    Zoom still going in…

  367. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download this mod because I’m using a chrome laptop, when I try to download it, it says invalid script header.

  368. INTP_98 says:


  369. Stephanie says:

    PLEASE add sound effects of some kind with next update!!!!! I LOVE THIS GAME and am absolutely addicted but something is just off….. grabbing the sparkly poops feels satisfying, but not as satisfying as it should be with sound effects. I don’t know, the game is just completely silent and with sound effects, this game will probably take up 100% of my free time.

  370. Anonymous says:

    i cant find the downloads button

  371. Po says:

    I followed the instructions here, and everything seems to be working except zoom. I have a trackpad, so I’m using the i/o buttons to zoom in/out, but it’s not working. Suggestions?

  372. Anonymous says:

    Help!! this new version dont stay at the zoom i chose. zoom is moving in!

  373. Dean says:

    how do you stop it slowly zooming back in when you zoom out, highly annoying

  374. Anonymous says:

    thank you

  375. dedu says:

    can you download it on macbooks?

  376. Anonymous says:

    Where is the Italian Language?

  377. Sweety says:

    Oh my good ! Thank you for this extension i love iiiiiiiiiiiiiit ♥♥ Thanks 😉

  378. FIRSSTTTT says:

    I wanna havk

  379. shadow says:

    how to change my skin

  380. Anonymous says:

    Ayudenmeeee no se donde se instala ,alguien me dice donde esta?!!!

  381. Tristona says:

    I have read the tutorial, installed according to the directions, and the script still refuses to function. I have the latest version of chrome so i am not sure what is going on. I may be doing something wrong.. I go to play and the script does not show up at all.

  382. Alana says:

    I read the tutorial and followed the instructions but when I click install on tapper monkey it brings me to an untitled page and doesn’t download, i reload the page and it says there was an issue, i removed my other mods and it still isn’t working, how can I do it?? 🙁

  383. unsatisfied person 6371 says:

    how do i use the dang userscript >:(

  384. unsatisfied customer 6384 says:

    I pressed the install button but doesn’t work

  385. Wesley Bhajan says:

    will there be an sound effect in the future?

  386. says:

    – Polish language updated, thanks to Max Keiser
    – IP selector added in connection tab (if the servers don’t show up in the dropdown menu, clear your cache and try again)

  387. Anonymous says:

    how do you get them

  388. Anonymous says:

    it only says Invalid script header i cant download it.

  389. Anonymous says:

    nao baixa

  390. Oscar Pereda says:

    The update In Safari doesn’t work! :/
    I don’t have any other scripts..

    • says:

      Pleas show us the developer console output, so we can investigate the issue. To access the developer console in Safari, use the Develop > Show Error Console menu item (Option-Cmd-C): If you don’t see the Develop menu, you’ll need to turn it on using Safari Preferences. Open Safari > Preferences, and click on the Advanced Tab.

  391. LucyS says:

    Just saying ive found a really good one on chrome web store so go get that 1 instead. It ACTUALLY works.

  392. LucyS says:

    Doesnt work its stupid i removed ALL of my extensions and it still said invalid script header
    So rather than dissing us could you maybe check it out?

  393. ilovetheunivers says:

    Benji and Benn74 its right it says invalid script heat right?

  394. Benji says:

    hey guys why does it not work

  395. Anonymous says:

    its says invalid script holder

  396. Anonymous says:

    i removed all extentions but it still doesn’t work and i read the tortorial 5 times

  397. CADENZIA says:


  398. taytay says:

    Does not work i cant hit the play button or skin button

  399. Anonymous says:

    It says “Invalid Script Header”. I’m from Argentina. I have deleted all the extensions and scripts.

  400. scott repie says:

    bezst thing ever

  401. Anonymous says:

    Did not work. I am not on a crome by the way.

  402. Anonymous says:

    it said scriped is invaled

  403. Anonymous says:

    Not working on chrome, the 2.1.4 works fine but when i remove that script and install this one, it doesn’t work :/

  404. says:

    Added 2 more clan tags

  405. Shield says:

    Every time i try to download the script it says on the top left “INVALID SCRIPT HEADER” . please someone help me

  406. Your dad says:

    i cant download this mod due to your dumbass system. i am on chrome. i clicked the Install Mod at top right. Didnt work.

  407. solal says:

    what if i use safari
    please make a video about how to install mods with safari

  408. frank says:

    how do it

  409. jh says:

    realy it is not working so guys do not try it it will be crayzy

  410. Jumbo says:

    Kinda buggy

  411. kauan says:

    irado cara

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