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We don’t host our extension on the  Chrome Web Store anymore, because they don’t support our amazing features. So for now, you will have to use the userscript for new features. Mods v3 Major update released! Hi again all! Today I proudly announce the new major update, V3.0! As you may know already from the previous coming-soon article ( ), a lot of new features have been added, and we actually listened to your suggestions. Mods UserScript v3 The new features are: Party mode! Bigger map Seeing your party members dot on the map Seeing… Invincible HackBot Invincible Mod Invincible Mod Author’s Description T Bot enabled/disabled (Bot encendido/apagado) U Log debugging Y Visual debugging I Automatic Respawning (Reinicio automático) O Mobile rendering – Try this if you experience lag (Activar esta opción si estas jugando desde el móvil) P Hunt prey – Moving food D Defense mode – bot turns around in a circle (El bot se movera en circulos) C Enemy avoidance / Collision prevention (Esquivar enemigos / Prevención de choques) Z Reset zoom (Resetear Zoom) Mouse wheel Zoom in/out (Rueda del mouse: Zoom +/-) How to install user scripts? Firefox and related browsers: Greasemonkey. Google… Gameplay Details

Everything Regarding the Technology is rapidly evolving and every day new areas, opportunities, possibilities emerge with the help of the technology. Without a doubt gaming industry is one of the fields that take the advantage of these new issues well. Right after the rapid development of computers and gaming portals in 1970s and with the spread of the internet in 1990s the games began to enter every household all around the world. We had been playing games as single player for years however after 1990s we all began to play multiplayer games with players from all around the…

Detailed Guide for How to Play

What is is the most outstanding online flash games in all around the world where you start to play as a small worm. All you need to do is grow bigger in size. To do this, you have to collect the colorful balls on the map and avoid from your opponents. As you can play through your web browser, it is also compatible with the mobile platforms. How to Play You will start to game as a small worm however you have to set up a nickname before you start. Then? You will compete…

Play with Private Servers

Tips to Play Today we all have thousands of technological opportunities and software and information systems has evolved a lot and they created a large and widespread network. While the first computers began to be produced towards the end of 1990s, the gaming industry had rapid progress and breakthrough. Ataris, gaming consoles, large game machines marked this period. However most of these games were single player games. Some of those games had the opportunity to play with two or four people however all of those people should be in there to play. With the spread of the internet… PVP Private Server

New Private Server for is one of the most popular pvp games on the internet and you can try our private server through our website. Today we will provide a brief introduction to our private server which is one of the most played and preferred servers on the internet. In the event that you are willing to grow faster in and rank on the top 10 list of the game, play through our private server and adop the strategies we will share with you on our website. private server has no difference…

Playing with Your Friends

How to Play with Mods? Playing is the new trend of the game lovers. You step into this addictive world right after you set up a nickname to your snake. You can play by teaming up with your friends by downloading the mods or you can compete with millions of players solo. mods offer you various features such as unlocking all of the skins for free, change the background color and so on. game can be played on computers and mobile platforms where the player starts as a small worm. Your… Game and Best Tactics

Most Preferred Tactics is a web browser based awesome game played by millions from all around world. While some people claim that there is a lagging problem, you will not experience any lags when you play through your browser. Those who experience lags experience them because of their unstable internet connection due to their operators. You play online and you are a small warm in the game. You grow in size by collecting the cells on the map. And you must avoid hitting to other snakes with your head. It looks simple, right? All of…

Phenomenon Online Game

What is and How to Play game managed to be quite popular in all around the world and we will try to provide you as much as information we can about this popular and addictive game. As one of the most played online web browser based game, has become one of the favorite games of the players. You will learn the detailed information about how to play in this article. You can directly start to play without the need of creating a new account by simply setting up a nickname from the homepage…

Play One of the Most Popular Games, the

Play Now Through Our Website We all know the game now and we all know that it is globally accepted in all around the world as one of the best online browser based game ever where we can also play through our smart devices such as smart phones or tablets. In fact starting to play is not very complicated and it is quite simple. You can create an account for yourself or just skip that step and start playing The purpose in the game is quite simple where you will try to grow as…

A Strategy Game with Snakes,

Play, the New Strategy Game game is one of the web browser based multiplayer games which managed to protect its popularity where you can also connect via Twitter and Facebook. You will try to avoid from your opponents and also try to collect the glowing orbs on the map in order to grow bigger. As you can play through your browser, it is also possible to download to any mobile platforms from application markets. You start playing the game by setting a nickname for the snake you will control and adopt strategies in order… and Tricks

Best Tricks for Players is the simple, practical and addictive game of the recent times which is a multiplayer browser game. You only need to use your mouse to play Of course the main goal in is to have the most score and rank number on the scoreboard. You need to eat the foods on the map and remainings of other players in order to increase your score. Then there will be some strategies to ensure a fast growth. It is possible to beat other players regardless of their sizes. Each player controls a…

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