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  1. There’s this thing called game balancing and nailed it whereas in agar crap, it’s based on a first come first serve basis. It’s all based on luck which is stupid because you’ll just rely on other player’s mistake and manipulating the virus which most players will never commit/counter are ultimately aware of. So yeah, it may seem ‘dynamic’ or so you speak of but you can’t deny the luck that plays the most vital role in said game. Add the fact that you need to submit yourself to bribe others by ‘W’-ing them hanging on to that final peice of hope that they’ll show you mercy. Disgusting af. Can you even label this as a ‘game’ ?

    In slither, you can kill any snake regardless of your size, uplifting that morale of yours for killing such a big snake 10x larger than you whether due to lag, luck or skills. Pk-ing have never been this thrilling especially with such a wide map to maneuver in(unlike in a certain agar crap where abusive campers rule the edges). Even if you’re up against a [team] of allied snakes, you can still outsmart them by feinting, taunting and using other snakes as obstacles tempting other snakes to join in the fray regardless of size. Even as a small snake you can be on par with the speed of the largest snake so the death coil is almost always avoidable as long as you’re aware of your surroundings. So yeah, satisfaction guaranteed.

    It’s similar to Facebook. Agar may have been the first one to exist but have you been using Friendster? Slither just brought any io games’ full potential and will still continue to do so.

    Slither > Agar crap

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    I think is better than for several reasons. A) You can kill anyone if you know how B) It’s much easier when you start out cause you can’t just kill somebody if they’re smaller and C) I know people at my school would vote because they all used to play but now they play

  3. gi ay wont to play naw plz aind ay dont wont too play wiche lagg on slithre.ioOK PLZ AIND THX

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