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In the event that you like to use Google Chrome as your browser and it is your favorite then you may want to make a research on the mods that are compatible with your favorite browser. However, there is no need for such a thing since all of the mods are compatible with your browser. The main reason why you can play these mods on your favorite browser is a software named TamperMonkey. For now, this software is available on Google Chrome and there is no reason for the company to draw their products back from this market. As long as the software will be available for the application market of your favorite browser, you will be able to play all of the mods on the browser.

In case there may be a problem in the software in the future, you can be sure that there will be another software which will address this issue and you will again be able to play your favorite mods on your favorite browser. In the event that you are willing to explore as well as learn new mods you can check our mods category where we have reviewed all of the existing and safe mods. You can find those articles and download the mods you want. We have included the hacks offered by each private server as well and we believe that those articles will be really beneficial for those who are looking for new mods to play.

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