An In-Depth Guide

An In-Depth Guide

An In-Depth Guide

Hello Slither Community!

You just picked your favorite skin (Worm-colored), your witty nickname (“First Place”) and you press that beautiful, green, “Play” button. You play for 3 minutes and you die at 3000. You furiously press “Play Again,” and die at 2000. I’m here to help you break that cycle. I see a lot of posts from people asking for tips I decided to write a full-on exhaustive guide. I’ve been playing for some time now and I wanted to share everything I know about the game for players who are either just starting out or players who have been playing for a while, but can never quite get those ridiculous high scores.

I will divide the guide into sections based on the size of your snake. Bold = Snake Size (i.e. the number on the bottom left of the screen)

Here we go.

0-200: Start picking up dots immediately. Your goal is to get to ~100. Brighter dots = bigger size gain. Don’t be scared to give up all of your size accelerating to pick up glowing dots. Each glowing dots = ~80-150 size. Slowly migrate towards the center of the map. Avoid other snakes at this point.

200-3,000 This is where the fun starts. YOU ARE NOW A PREDATOR. Your size and tail length allow you to be the most agile predator on the map. Your goal is to find snakes that are slightly bigger than you, and cut them off, forcing them to run into your tail. Collect the remains. IMPORTANT: DO NOT BE GREEDY. It’s okay to forfeit 80% of your kill to other snakes. On the other hand, DON’T BE SCARED TO TAKE OTHER PEOPLE’S KILLS.

3,000-5,000 Start migrating from the center to the periphery of the map. Make your kills along the way, but againDON’T BE GREEDY take what you can. You should hit 5,000 just from picking up scraps going from the middle to the outside.

5,000-25,000 You are now a constrictor. This is the hardest part of the game. You are not cutting snakes off anymore, you get the majority of your kills by looping around snakes and suffocating the life out of them. Your Target: Medium snakes and Bots. Bots are STUPID. They are programmed to avoid collision but they are NOT programmed to avoid getting looped and suffocated. Here’s a quick list on how to identify bots:

  • They get really close to you and turn at the last second
  • They usually move only in straights lines
  • There’s an “aggressive” kind of bot that accelerates rapidly for a long time, then suddenly stops for no reason. When it’s stops is when you move in for the suffocation kill.

Side Note Do not be afraid to attack VERY LARGE snakes at this point in the game. Big snakes have a HORRIBLE turn radius. If you can get under their nose, they’re dead. Do not be afraid to put yourself into a dangerous position to kill a big snake. Killing one big snake on the periphery means you get all of the remains to yourself. It should propel you 3-7k from 1 kill.

25,000+ Congratulations. You won. This is the end-game snake. Here is how you get those ridiculous scores (100k+). You migrate your way to the center of the map (this is the hard part) and you make the biggest loop you can (with no snakes inside) You keep spinning around in that loop, and due to the natural chaos in the center of the map, snakes will be forced to run into you, DO NOT break your loop, slowly consume snakes that run into you on the next revolution. Your head is invulnerable because you are overlapping your tail 90% of the time, only occasionally breaking your big loop to gather remains. At this point in the game, the upper limit of your score is the upper limit of your patience. I usually grow about 2k every 5 minutes while in the center.

Good luck friends, I hope you find this guide helpful, I will leave with some general tips that don’t really fit into the guide:

  • How to avoid getting coiled: Get your head close to the head of the aggressive snake, then accelerate parallel to them until they give up.
  • All snakes accelerate at the same rate. Bigger snakes have an advantage because they can cover more distance with their larger turn radius. They they CANNOT get in front of a smaller snake accelerating parallel to them. The only hope is they can get the smaller snake to run out, and at that points it’s not worth coiling them anymore.
  • Glowing dots are worth ~80-150. They are really good when you’re small, but are not worth going for when you’re large.
  • Do not be scared to accelerate. Any mass lost accelerating is worth the loss if it 1) saves your life or 2) gets you to your target location faster.
  • When you’re really big ~15K+ the best defensive move is to double in on yourself. Because other snakes cannot go through you, they cannot follow your movement.
  • Contrary to popular belief your end-game IS NOT on the periphery of the map. The end-game is in the middle where all the chaos can net you a ton of remains just from being unkillable in the middle.
  • Looping snakes naturally coil inward, once you’ve coiled a snake into a tiny ball, don’t be scared to leave. The natural coiling of your snake will kill them regardless.
  • Bigger snakes become more agile when accelerating


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