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Greetings our dear visitors, today we will inform you about a new game where you will have to work in cooperation with the other players on the map in order to increase your score. The game is the recent game of the io games and it is much more fun in case you like to work and play as a team. It is about the zombies and those who are trying to stay alive during the zombie attack. Since it is a new game there are no any hacks available yet but most of the developers already began to develop mods.


In the event that you are looking for a new taste to spend some time then you should definitely play You can click on one of the bold words in order to visit the website and learn the controls and much more about the things that you wonder. We believe that you will be addicted to this great game once you will try it and we can guarantee that you will be much better after some practice. Don’t forget to secure yourself with the furniture!


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