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This will probably be my only post on this sub. Can I get an up-vote for visibility?

Anyways, lets get to it:

  • Boosting
    • I’m not entirely certain what this is actually called. Let’s just call it boosting for now. You can boost by holding click on a PC or double tapping and holding on mobile. I personally don’t like boosting. I feel like it takes away too much control in exchange for speed which only takes away more control.
    • First tip: never, ever, ever boost into or in a bloodbath. Especially for bigger snakes. It will almost always kill you, no matter how fast you get to the mass. If you want to get the mass from a bloodbath, all you have to do is go in there slowly and stay in control. Other people will boost to get to the dead big snakes, ignore them. Get some mass if you can, but keep in control first.
    • What will end up happening is almost everyone who boosted will die, and you get to keep all of the mass that not only they had, but most of the mass from the big snakes.
    • As a rule, try not to boost at all unless you’re certain it will get you a kill or mass safely.
  • Circling
    • This is my nickname for the common strategy of a big snake surrounding a smaller snake, gradually getting smaller and smaller until there is no more snake to surround. Then they get all of the smaller snake’s mass because nobody can actually get in there to steal it. Circling is a risky tactic because sometimes the people inside can kill you by following the tip below, and people outside can kill you by the tip two below.
    • If you are being circled, the number one trick I can give you is don’t let them get smaller. Do not boost!Stay on the outside as much as you can. Sometimes you won’t be long enough to successfully do this, but screw it, you weren’t very long anyways.
    • If you see someone circling someone else, and you are long enough – you circle them. You effectively get both of their mass combined, just for you. Personal favorite way of totally screwing with people. That’s called karma, and it’s not internet points.

  • General
    • To escape from people when you’re a big snake people like to follow, go to the borderlands. It’s empty out there and if it comes to it you can circle your followers with effectively no danger.
    • When you are a small snake, floaters (the little floaty things that randomly spawn and run away from you) are worth 50 mass, more then you start with anyways. You can reach them with just a short boost and you can get the mass back by going back on your trail. Congrats, you got a head start of 50 mass.
    • I personally find the conservative way of playing is more effective, but you can do what you like.
    • You can actually get about half of your snake inside of someone else (in the || || formation, not ==> <==). Use this if you’re in a tight spot. But don’t go too far in.
    • To unlock skins, all you have to do is click on the share on facebook/twitter button, then go back to Et voila!
    • Head on collisions are really buggy. Try to avoid them as much as possible, as it will essentially decide who dies randomly, no matter the size.
    • You could probably already figure this out, but only you are able to pass through yourself, so if you’re getting attacked, simply circle around through yourself. I’ve actually done it a couple of times when you trick the other guy into crashing right into you.
  • TL; DR
    • Boosting is bad, unless it’s safe.
    • Don’t boost in a bloodbath.
    • Circling is risky but effective.
    • Circle the circlers if you can.
    • Borderlands are completely deserted 99% of the time.
    • Floaters are good for small snakes.
    • Go conservative when playing.
    • Unlock skins by sharing then going back.
    • Don’t collide head on.
    • Don’t be afraid to circle back or go through yourself.
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