How picking the right nickname can help you

What’s in a name? Not much in most mobile games. You simply pick something that tickles your fancy and fits the character limit and away you go. Maybe it’s a screen name you use on other gaming platforms, but even in multiplayer affairs, it doesn’t make much difference.

At first glance, the same would appear to hold true for After all, you can change your nickname after every game if you want, and for such a simple game, plenty of people use their nickname as a joke, a political statement, or both.


We’re here to tell you that a nickname can be a helpful psychological tool in the snake eat snake (or maybe worm eat worm, depending on how you feel about the true nature of the avatars) world the right nickname really help you out? Read on and we’ll convince you that it can, using three different approaches to get inside the heads of other players.

The faux timid nickname

How many times have you seen people with nicknames like “Please don’t eat me!” or “Don’t kill me” atop the leaderboard? It happens regularly, leading one to suspect that the people who use those kinds of names are onto something.

Play for any length of time and you’ll notice that a decent chunk of the player base is out to prove itself by going after what they perceive to be the biggest challenges. You see them head right for the biggest snakes they can find, boosting like crazy to go for a big kill.

Even if you’re of a similar mindset, you can disguise yourself for a bit by choosing a timid nickname. It’s just human nature to feel like a player whose nickname is “I taste bad” to be projecting fear, even if that’s not really the case. Pair your aggressive play with a sheepish nickname and other players might not see you coming until it’s too late.

The tough guy nickname

Let’s assume you’re the type of player who would prefer to slink around on the outskirts of the map, eating what you can find but avoiding conflict whenever possible. If that’s the case, the timid nickname is too obvious, signaling that you are ripe for the picking.

No, what you need is a nickname that screams badass. That way, similarly pleasant players know that you mean business and will slither right past you, allowing you to go on you merry way undisturbed. And maybe, just maybe, those alpha types will at least pause for a few seconds to consider whether there’s another similarly sized snake who’s a slightly softer target.

Of course the really aggressive players will simply see you as a challenge if you’re “Deathstorm top score 40K,” so you can always consider the third approach.

No nickname at all

Too lazy to even type in a nickname? You’re in luck, because that can work for you too. The lack of any name is like the perfect poker face, making it impossible for opponents to get a read on you.

Go ahead and leave that text box blank. It’s not a lack of ideas, but the ultimate expression of mystery. Opponents may think you’re an enigma or even a bot, and they just might try coiling elsewhere. And really, when it comes to, that’s all we can ever ask.




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