How to Learn Gameplay?

Best Way to Learn Gameplay gameplay is one of the most wondered topics among the people who are willing to give a try to this beautiful game. Today, millions of people prefer to play with various reasons but mainly in order to spend some fun time in their spare times. It may look very complicated when you just watch the game however in fact, it is quite easy once you give a try. You will only need to use your mouse in order to provide direction to your snake and it is possible for you to speed up by clicking the mouse or space button.

Those were the basics of gameplay, however, there will be additional features you can use such as hacks when you will play through the mods. Depending on the feature you will have new buttons that you can use in terms of the controls. For instance, in case you will want to use the zoom hack, then you may have to use the scroll button on your mouse. Usually, bots are activated by pressing the T button on your keyboard.

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