How to Play What are Tactics?

Best Strategies and Tactics

It would be safe to say that is the new heroin of the internet realm. It is the best compilation of the and legendary snake game of 90s by the developers of Now we will provide you some information about how to play or which tactics you can adopt in order to grow faster.

General Purpose and Gameplay of

In fact the answer of how to play is quite easy for those who already played since they have the same logic in terms of the gameplay. But for those who didn’t play let us give a brief information. You will try to get bigger by collecting the glowing foods on the map or remainings of the eliminated players. However unlike you have a chance to deal with the biggest snake in although you have just started to

I think, this is the main reason why became much more popular than in a shorter time, i.e., you may be eliminated by everyone at any time and you may be food to other players.

The main goal is to get bigger without hitting to your opponents with your head. You move your snake with the help of your mouse and you can speed up with your snake by holding the left button of your mouse. But you should know that you will lose some portion of your snake while you are speeding up however it is not that much important once you have 1k score. You have the chance to cage your opponents with your body once you reach to certain size or score. Thus you will be able to grow faster by collecting the points of your opponents.

Best Strategies and Tactics Tactics

There are some tips for in order to grow faster than regular. Do not consider these as hacks but useful strategies.

First of all start collecting the food on the map whenever you start playing and when you find moving balls, try to follow and eat them since they provide bonus score and bonus length. Try to go to the middle of the map when you start playing by checking your location from the map that is located at the right bottom of your screen because that area will be full with snakes and therefore you will have the chance of growing faster.

Once you will see eliminated snakes speed up with the left button of your mouse in a controlled manner and collect the remaining scores. After you reach to certain size you may want to hang out at the corners of the map since many of your opponents will start to target you because of the scores you will drop after you will be eliminated. In this way you can safely continue to rise in the leaderboard.

You can share your highest scores in by leaving a comment to this article. Let’s see who will have the highest score. Do not forget to download our mod in order to take the advantage of some additional features.


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