Is the Game Began to Fade?

How is Game Going?

Many players from all around the world continue to play but there are rumors that game will be shut down by the developers soon. In the event that you will look to the statics, you could easily tell that this is not true. The developers still make tons of money through the and app is still being downloaded by thousands of people. Maybe not millions but there are still thousands of people who play on a daily basis. But most of the players prefer to play through private servers which keeps the amount of the players playing the game more than a million.

The mods offer various features under the name of hacks and therefore many of the players prefer to play on these servers in order to take the advantage of various cheats such as zoom hack, free skins, bots and auto skin changer. However not all of these hacks are included on every mod and therefore you may want to read mod reviews before you download mods. You can find most of these reviews as well as various guides on our website which we have prepared for you.

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