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If you haven’t play the slither game yet, you should know that you are missing something big and you absolutely have to try it. In short, slither is an online game that you will play on your web browser. We can say that you will not encounter many details and complicated controls in the game. You manage a snake and your main goal is to reach the highest point, but you have to constantly grow your snake by eating the mass and the remains of your opponents around. However, you really have to be very careful while doing this. You have to protect your head and prevent being cut off.

To tell about the gameplay briefly, you can hang around when you are too small yet. Try to eat the mass around and avoid the crowded parts of the map. After growing a bit, try to cut off one of your opponents by clicking the left mouse button. This increases the movement speed of your snake by using the points you collect and you leave some mass behind. If any of your opponents collides that mass before they disappear, it explodes and leaves its remains. These remains which are left by the dead opponents earns much more points than the normal mass.

Anyway, it is an indisputable fact that mods, which we can consider as alternative games that are created by adding several hacks to the original slither. These features really make the game much more fun with the details they bring to the gameplay. One last thing: If you have a lag problem during your game, try to change your unstable internet connection which actually creates the slither lag problem to a local network.

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  1. this game
    can be fun and it can be really frustrating too but i really like this stupid game

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