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Play for More Fun is the popular snake game which looks like in terms of the mechanics and you can play through your web browser. Although the game managed to be worldwide popular after it ranked number one in application markets of mobile devices, it was originally designed as a browser game and you can still play it on your computer. Still most of the players prefer playing through computer since it does not have too much like on mobile devices due to servers.

How to Play Snake Game

The game is some kind of different version of the which was launched months ago and managed to be popular but this time released for the browsers. We believe that the developers would not expect such interest in and this is why they decided to launch it on computers at first. It is possible to grow bigger in as collecting the glowing orbs on the map just like but unlike you are not allowed to eat other snakes.

How to Play Snake Game

When you will hit them with your head you will be eliminated. It will be better for you to move away from any snakes you will see in the event that you will play for the first time. However keep in mind that once snakes will be eliminated they will leave some foods on the map which are equal to their score, so keep the distance with them but also be in a position to get their remainings as quickly as possible.

You have to stay alert all the time in order to run away or dive into the chaos while playing not matter what your sizes are. You can double your triple your score or just be eliminated to play again. You can play through our website for free and also you can download mod in order to have a wider screen view or see your location on the map.

In addition to these features mod will allow you to prefer any skin your want while playing the game. After the setup of the you will have all skins for free and you will not have to type your nickname over and over again.

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