Prefer the Moded Servers for Fun

People Play on Moded Servers

In case you began to get bored with the regular game and looking for an excitement then you may want to give a try to moded servers. These servers are private servers which are run by independent developers. The advantages of these unblocked servers are the fact that they provide new features for the players. Thus the game becomes much funnier than before and you are going to compete with more players on these mods in case you will prefer to popular ones. Because today, most of the players prefer to play the game on mods. In case you are one of them, the following information may be useful for you since we are going to provide how you can download these modes to your browser and run them.

You can always visit our mods category in order to find some of the popular mods to play. It will be worth to note that we have also included reviews about these mods in their articles. Now let’s talk about what you should do in order to run these scripts on your browsers. First, you have to visit the application market of your browser and search for the TamperMonkey software. This is an official software which will allow you to run the scripts you download to your computer. Once you download this software and run it, you can click on the scripts you have downloaded in order to run them. This is all you have to do in order to play the game with various mods. You can download more than one mod and keep them in your browser however you can only play on one mod at a time. The software also allows you to switch between mods when you need.

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