I made a mod for Slitherio. It requires Grease-/Tamper-/Violentmonkey to run, and it can be installed from Download button. (Its named that, as the fps display was the first feature in it). The code is completely human-readable from the file.

It does not replace the original Slitherio script, and it does not require you to block the original Slitherio script, its a very unobtrusive overlay to the original script.


To join your friends, have them give you their server ip and port (it will be shown by the overlay), insert it into the IP-Address:Port field (as x.x.x.x:yyy), click Go!, then play game. You will now be in the same server. To find each other, you can use the coordinates shown in the overlay. the higher x is, the further to the right. The higher Y is, the further down. You’ll figure it out.

I did not test the script with Opera yet, just Firefox and Chrome. Gimme heads up for bugfixes. If its popular, I’ll add more features for sure :).


Thanks to @MetalMonta

Enjoy slithering! Mods v3 Released! Mods User Script

How to install Mods?



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