5 Useful Tips for Beginners


  • Avoid boosting vertically to collect remains of a dead snake. Your screen is horizontal, and since the focus of the “camera” is where your snake’s head is, you won’t be able to see an enemy coming very well when you go up and down. Going horizontally is a better idea, since you get to see more of what is in front of you.


  • When chasing the floating pellets, don’t boost in one long run until you reach it. Instead, boost in 1 second bursts. The pellet tends to zoom into your snake’s mouth when you slow down from a boost.


  • If you’re about to be trapped into a coil, do NOT try to zoom past the predator’s head and kill it. The enemy can 100% control the direction of the head. Instead, turn around and try to find its tail, and zoom past that.


  • Green & purple (4chan) snakes will almost always try to kill Reddit snakes. Just keep that in mind.


  • When you start off small and you try to get to the centre of the map, avoid boosting with low mass. If you save up until you’re at about 50 length, boosting with large chunks of that will be better, since the momentum pushes you forward more.
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