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This is a bot for! It plays for you!


First, install TamperMonkey, then click ‘bot.user.js’ (on this respository), ‘Raw’, and ‘Install’.



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  1. Avatar david says:

    i want the freeking bots lamo

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

  3. Avatar Anonymous says:

    What does the radius multiplier do?

  4. Avatar Anonymous says:


  5. Avatar Billy says:

    I cant figure how to spawn it or how to find it or anything

  6. Avatar Billy says:

    How do you find or spawn your Bot?

  7. Avatar Anonymous says:

    it works but how do i hide the controls

  8. Avatar Anonymous says:

    The bot doesn’t work…

  9. Avatar Anonymous says:

    i can’t download any mods for some reason. :l

  10. Avatar Anonymous says:

    how do i get the mod

  11. Avatar Anonymous says:

    how dp i uninstall dis

  12. Avatar Anonymous says:

    does not work
    it sucks

  13. Avatar craig says:


  14. Avatar craig says:

    how do i make the worm run into me
    withought contolling it

  15. Avatar Billy Petterson says:

    You could also make the worm avoid the center of the map, because there are more worms there.

  16. Avatar Billy Petterson says:

    Never mind about the circle, however, you could: if food target is x distance away from worm’s head, change targets. To fix the circling around a food source problem. Also, an override of snake avoidance system if worm insides are nearby. Or a decrease in the size of the worm avoidance circle.

  17. Avatar Billy Petterson says:

    You should have the worm sensing circle just a little bit bigger, so that the worm can react in time, also, have it change food targets once in a while, because it ends up circling food for a long time. (Or even a quick jerk back and forth now and again would be enough to prevent this problem.)

  18. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Are you guys working on better snake avoidance?

  19. Avatar Tomi says:

    Please update download link.

  20. Avatar Somebody says:

    DL link isn’t working..

  21. Avatar Anonymous says:

    link in dead

  22. Avatar Kamil says:

    kamil kamil dawid daw iii kom ZLike

  23. Avatar Coil Up says:

    Works great, even through heavy lag. Then I got to number 43, it ran right into a tiny guy and died. Is there a manual override when I get a good placing?

  24. Avatar Anonynonononymouuus says:

    this isnt what i wanted

    i wanted bots that go to you and you collect the mass

  25. Avatar Dipper Pines says:

    why won’t it work :'(

  26. Avatar Anonymous says:


  27. Avatar Anonymous says:

    nice bot, isnt that great yet, but still better then rest that are out there

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