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Slither.IO Bot

This is a bot for! It plays for you!


First, install TamperMonkey, then click ‘bot.user.js’ (on this respository), ‘Raw’, and ‘Install’.



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  1. Billy Petterson Reply

    You could also make the worm avoid the center of the map, because there are more worms there.

  2. Billy Petterson Reply

    Never mind about the circle, however, you could: if food target is x distance away from worm’s head, change targets. To fix the circling around a food source problem. Also, an override of snake avoidance system if worm insides are nearby. Or a decrease in the size of the worm avoidance circle.

  3. Billy Petterson Reply

    You should have the worm sensing circle just a little bit bigger, so that the worm can react in time, also, have it change food targets once in a while, because it ends up circling food for a long time. (Or even a quick jerk back and forth now and again would be enough to prevent this problem.)

  4. Works great, even through heavy lag. Then I got to number 43, it ran right into a tiny guy and died. Is there a manual override when I get a good placing?

  5. Anonynonononymouuus Reply

    this isnt what i wanted

    i wanted bots that go to you and you collect the mass

  6. nice bot, isnt that great yet, but still better then rest that are out there

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