Controls Guide for Beginners

A Detailed Control Guide

In the event that this will be your first game experience than you should not worry about the controls before you start playing it. It has a quite simple controls just like the game mechanics and we bet you will get use to the controls in a very fast manner. First of you will have to use your mouse or the arrow keys as the controls in order to provide direction to your snake. We recommend you to use your mouse instead of your keyboard for increased accuracy.


In the event that you want to speed up in the game then the only controls you will use will be the left button of your mouse. Of course in addition to these controls you will have more keys to use whenever you will play on private servers in order to take the advantage of hacks. Each hack has its own shortcut and these shortcuts may vary depending on the servers. You can check the review of the mods in order to learn these details.


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