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An Open Source Feeder Bot

Needs more contributers! Better documentation coming soon!



Running Feeder Bot

This seems to be the most popular question. But First Run This “RunIdepend.bat” After That Being Done. ~Important

Secondly, Get Some Proxies and then paste in this file “proxies.txt”. ~Important

Just Run These Files “StartServer.bat” & “StartBot.bat”


The main reason behind this bot is for educational purposes. With great power comes great responsibility, don’t ruin the game for others!

Unlike many other bots, this one does not require a browser and can be ran on your desktop/server with Node.JS installed

Special Thanks To:


MIT © Dahquan Hinds (For the Library)

MIT © Mayed505 Feeder Bot


  1. if u wanna download it u need to download tamper monkey first

  2. xristos2310 Reply

    em…there is not any file start bots or something like this…wtf guys,. :/

  3. i need help i want t play a moded versin but i dont no how to

  4. Awful Helping! Show us more Detailed verson of this i couldn’t even find proxies.txt! Please help! Next time make a Better one _>_

  5. yo the run things if i dubble click it goes straight away can you help me..

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