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As you know mods are the private servers where people can take the advatange of hacks. Well, how can you play the game through these mods? In this article we will answer the question of this. First of all you have to download the mods to your computer through the browser you are using. Let’s assume that you are using the Google Chrome. Once you will download the mods to your browser you will need another software which will be installed on your browser.

This is called Tampermonkey. You can either download the software through our website or you can directly download it through the Google Chrome application market. Download that software to your browser, run and install it. After that you can run the mods that you have downloaded before. Now you will be able to play through the private servers which are specially developed by independent developers. It is this much easy to download and play mods through your Google Chrome browser. You can check our earlier article in the mods category to find the relevant links.

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