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On the Skins changer screen F12+ Copy and paste setSkin(snake, 25) into your console ENTER to get the skin.


Q: We cannot change colour they dont show a place with change skin

A: How to Get All Skins Without Sharing On Social Media
 Mods v3 Released! Mods User Script

How to install Mods?



Make sure you disable any other extension and scripts first!

How to install user scripts? Mods User Script Secret Snake Skin
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  1. shanellmagtibay says:

    howw to make nwe skin of slither io

  2. Wolfs Rock! says:

    HOW do i download!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    how do i get the invisable ninja skin

  5. ADAM says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    ok bad i need google play

  7. RYSUN says:


  8. SlitherFanXD says:

    Very good

  9. IWasPaidToWriteThisComment says:

    Very good this works!

  10. EpicSpirtWolf says:

    I just love these Epic skins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. levi says:

    como usa o slitherio hackkkkkkkkkk!!!!!

  12. arnold says:

    plz i want

  13. cat says:

    how to make a cantre

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    but i dont have the thing that say chang skin

  16. Tytus says:

    Ow my god

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ow my god

  18. Anonymous says:

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuque cuca como puedo crear un skinns

  19. LE_BOB says:

    lel u can get this now without doin anything special dudes :3

  20. angel says:

    make the most beautifull snake 🙂

  21. Mike says:

    setSkin(snake, 40) gives you a neon green smiling snake

  22. burnt toast says:

    how to make your own skin

  23. Anonymous says:

    omfg i can not do it

  24. şenol uğurcan gökçe says:

    hack mods skins

  25. Hi says:

    Omg! That seems so cool. But, my F12 is airplane mode. What should I do? Would it still work?

  26. matt says:

    it is fun

  27. bandsz.dtm says:


  28. filip says:

    ja mam kacha w slither io

  29. meh..... says:

    wow just wow

  30. Anonymous says:

    what iƒ you have a mac can you still get the skins then???????

  31. SwordGamer999 says:

    this is cool, but i typed 100 and the skins are only colors

  32. Anonymous says:

    I typed a random comment for views

  33. says:

    How do u get it on an ipad iOS

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. Anonymous says:


  36. Patrick says:

    This game is AWESOME! but how do I get skins

  37. micknik says:

    ich will disen mod

  38. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!! this is so cool

  39. david says:

    eu quero um Skins desse porque já injoei os Skins do jogo

  40. YoMama says:

    Does it work for IOS?

  41. bogdan says:

    dis mod is so funy

  42. Anonymous says:

    it is not secret anymore so yeah<(' ')

  43. larry says:

    i want to know how to change color

  44. Anonymous says:

    comu qui baxa

  45. Gavin says:

    I just wanna know how to get skins on the portable

  46. Anonymous says:

    I had those without hack e.e

  47. Anonymous says:

    omg !!!:-(

  48. TheAmazingHacker says:

    Was I the only one that notice this came with another secret skin? By the way, If it didn’t work you were suppose to press Ctrl+Shift+i (Don’t include the “+”)

  49. FreakiiGirly says: skins

  50. ??? says:

    If im right its Public now so…. useless

  51. ????????????? says:

    game its unfair need more things to do make bribes or something it getting boring

  52. Anonymous says:

    how do you open the menu

  53. Anonymous says:

    That command doesn’t work for everyone!! Nothing works for me!

  54. Anonymous says:

    how to get it on safari?

  55. pyroxy9000 says:


  56. This is awesome!!!! my new favorite snake!!

  57. Anonymous says:

    u can do it on safari

  58. Anonymous says:

    THIS SKIN IS NOW IN THE GAME FOR REAL!!! The trick still works but its useless now…

  59. Anonymous says:

    I love this game

  60. Anonymous says:

    how do you get the secrt skin on crome

    • Anonymous says:

      You have to push (Ctrl+Shit+I) To open developer menu, then click on ‘Console’ On top menu bar, then paste the above command! 😀 Hope it helps!

  61. dylan says:

    can someone tell me how i do this saying press f12 does not do anything

  62. Anonymous says:

    how can i remove it

  63. dylan says:

    im on crome

  64. dylan says:

    how do you open it i pressed f 12

  65. Mason says:

    this works and this is awesome… just a tip if your friends ask, make them pay money to get it
    oh and for google chrome users, to open consule, do: (option commmand j)

  66. frg says:

    console on chrome confused

  67. TheBadCrolly says:

    Not secret skin any more!

  68. Shit my pantrs says:


  69. Anonymous says:

    How do you get to Console on Mac?

  70. Anonymous says:


  71. Anonymous says:

    what if you dont have an f 12 key

  72. Anonymous says:


  73. jacob says:

    how do you get the screen in mac

  74. Anonymous says:

    is there another way\

    • anonymous says:

      omfg Stop asking. if you are on mac or chrome book and don’t have an f12 key do this. crtl+shift+j that should bring up he console

  75. Anonymous says:

    how to do it on a macbook pro

  76. mason says:

    didnt get it i dont know how to get it but by the way i always play on the 7th server and my name will be GET DDOSED

  77. Anonymous says:

    This was cool i got the secret snake.

  78. Jonathan says:

    worked great

  79. Anonymous says:

    But what if you only have on an android how do you get skins then???? ?☺️

  80. Anonymous says:

    how do you inspect element

  81. Charlie says:


  82. Anonymous says:

    i cant get the secret snake skin

  83. Tim says:


  84. Anonymous says:

    big stuff

  85. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how to do it on a chromebook?

    • Anonymous says:

      Control shift i then do the code

    • Anonymous says:

      First you go to the snake skin selector. Once on there, go to the 3 bar lookin thing in the top right corner. Then go to
      more tools> developer tools> and then console right next to elements. And then you just put in setSkin(snake, 25), enter it, and you’re good to go.

    • nutz says:

      Do ctrl+shift+J
      then it will pull up

  86. Anonymous says:

    setSkin(snake, 25)

  87. BOOGDOOG says:

    does anyone know how how to change your snake head to a picture? ive seen players with it.

  88. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know how other players change their head to a picture?

  89. Jess says:

    It doesn’t work anymore

  90. Anonymous says:

    what is console

  91. 49shadows says:

    dont work

  92. Awesome says:

    Hope there is more xD

  93. Anonymous says:

    U can also chance skin ingame!

  94. name says:

    Awesome hope theres more

  95. Arrotanis says:

    Looks cool as fuck.

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